December Daily 2012 | Front Cover

I’ve declared it December Daily week around here. In case you haven’t heard of it before, December Daily is an album project concept by Ali Edwards. It’s a way to document the holiday season, in the moment, through December.

I’m re-sharing my past albums, talking about what I learned from the project throughout the years, and using these posts to figure out how I’ll tackled DD this year.

Here’s the finished 2010 album:

December Daily 2012 | Front Cover

December Daily 2012 | 1

December Daily 2012 | 1

December Daily 2012 | 1

December Daily 2012 | 1

December Daily 2012 | 2-3

December Daily 2012 | 4-5

December Daily 2012 | 4

December Daily 2012 | 6-7

December Daily 2012 | 8-9

December Daily 2012 | 10-11

December Daily 2012 | 12

December Daily 2012 | 12

December Daily 2012 | 13-15

December Daily 2012 | 16-17

December Daily 2012 | 18-19

December Daily 2012 | 19

December Daily 2012 | 20-21

December Daily 2012 | 22-23

December Daily 2012 | 24-25

December Daily 2012 | 25

December Daily 2012 | Back Cover

Here’s what I learned from my December Daily 2010 and what I’d do differently:

Pre-made pages are good, but numbering them might be a bad idea. I love the base of this album, and I really like the mix of page sizes (that made it really fun!), but the pre-numbered page sizes didn’t always fit the size of the story I wanted to tell for the day. I could have added in extra pages, but the spiral binding made that a little difficult. For future minis, I’d like to have pre-decorated numbers on hand, but I’ll attach them as I go.

Use extra adhesive, especially for cover embellishments and elements with dimension. Jonas got a hold of this one and peeled off the date from the cover. In my more recent minis, I’ve wised up and used extra adhesive. But 2010 Megan didn’t know to do that if the adhesive seemed strong enough, so now I’m stuck searching for the “2” (I found the other numbers).

My favorite strong adhesives are:

  • Scor-Tape. It’s pretty strong and you can tear it off of the roll.
  • Ranger Wonder Tape Roll, which is similar to the Scor-Tape, but is a little stronger, though you have to cut it off of a roll. Both are really great for ribbon, too.
  • Zip Dry Paper Glue, which is AWESOME for paper, but dries in the bottle fairly quickly, so don’t buy it unless you think you’d use it a lot.
  • E-6000 Adhesive, which is super strong and is great for heavy things like buttons or metal, but I’m not sure if it’s archival safe.

I like a good mix of people and stuff. Most my my scrapbooking, like my Project Life, is mostly all about people. But a lot of the magic of the holidays comes not just from the people in my life, but the decorations, and the lights, and the music, and the food, and the gifts. Yes, the people are the most important part, but the holidays wouldn’t feel the same without all of that other stuff. I’ll keep that in mind moving forward.

I like that some things are constants in every album. There are things we do every year in December: we decorate a tree, we go to family parties, we put out decorations, Eliza writes a letter to Santa. I love looking at those traditions and want to make sure to continue to get ’em in (and do them!).

Embellishments can be distracting. As I look through this album, I can see very clearly which embellishments add to the story and the design, and which take away and distract from the design. I’m pretty sure this year is going to be all about keeping it simple, guys.

*Here’s the post on my 2009 December Daily.

Have you ever done December Daily? What have you learned from your past years?