December Daily 2009 | Cover

This week I’m revisiting all of my past December Daily albums, to help me to decide what the heck I’m doing for it this year. In case you haven’t heard of it before, December Daily is an album project concept by Ali Edwards. It’s a way to document the holiday season, in the moment, through December.

Except that I’ve never kept up with it in the moment, technically, as you’ll be seeing in these revisited posts. For the record, 2009 was the first year I participated… and I didn’t finish the album until this year.

First, let’s look at the completed 2009 album:

December Daily 2009 | Cover

December Daily 2009 | Cover Detail

December Daily 2009 | Title Page

December Daily 2009 | Day 1

December Daily 2009 | Day 2

December Daily 2009 | Day 3

December Daily 2009 | Day 4

December Daily 2009 | Day 5

December Daily 2009 | Day 6

December Daily 2009 | Day 7

December Daily 2009 | Day 8

December Daily 2009 | Days 9-12

December Daily 2009 | Days 13 & 14

December Daily 2009 | Day 15

December Daily 2009 | Day Detail

December Daily 2009 | Days 16-18

December Daily 2009 | Day 16 Detail

December Daily 2009 | Day 19

December Daily 2009 | Day 20

December Daily 2009 | Day 20 Detail

December Daily 2009 | Days 21-23

December Daily 2009 | Day 24

December Daily 2009 | Day 25

December Daily 2009 | Day 25 Detail

December Daily 2009 | Day 26 & 27

December Daily 2009 | The End

December Daily 2009 | Back Cover

Here’s what I learned from my December Daily 2009 and what I’d do differently:

Don’t worry about what this project is “supposed” to be. During 2009, Jake and I were full time college students, Eliza was three, Jake worked full time, and I worked part time. And finals were in December. So maybe taking on a daily project didn’t make much sense at the time. And halfway through, I gave up. Mostly because I didn’t get a photo everyday. So I kept the album and my notes from each day in a big ziplock bag with the supplies I was using, and I didn’t break it out again until this year. I was able to finish it because I realized that, hey, it doesn’t matter if the book is actually daily. Our season was documented. It doesn’t matter if some days were skipped, or if some only have a sentence attached to them.

Having the base already made is really helpful. I don’t like having the embellishments done ahead of time and I don’t like having the numbers on the pages ahead of time (because that adds pressure to make sure every day happens), but I do love having the papers and cover already done.

Keep everything together. I went through my supplies ahead of time and put them in a big baggie. I could put pages together way faster because the embellishments and scrap papers were already coordinated and were all in one place.

Keep notes. If you don’t print from home or you don’t have time to print everyday, jot down notes. You’ll be surprised how much you can forget about what you did just last week. I’m glad I jotted little notes for this book; doing that enabled me to finish the album years later!

I like big photos. I really like this album, but when I look through, I see the paper before I see the photos. And I don’t love that. Whatever I do this year, I want the documentation to take center stage.

Have you ever done December Daily? What have you learned from your past years?

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