One Step at a Time

This year we’re running with the mantra One Step at a Time. We’re tackling tons of little tasks and making small changes that will hopefully add up to help us reach our big goals for the year. Taking it one step at a time keeps us from getting overwhelmed, and we’ve been getting a ton done as a result. We’re working on a bunch of steps simultaneously all the time, but we wait until we’re done until we share it with you.

One Step at a Time has been mostly small steps towards big, almost unreachable goals (like having a completely clean, organized house), but the mantra is really useful for short-term overwhelming goals too.

This one was for shuffling Eliza’s room (again).

Thankfully, Eliza’s new room was cleaned out already, so we only had to get all of her stuff up there.

Moving Eliza up to the 3rd floor. These rooms don't have closets, so a clothes rack it is.

We started a week early and just took a few things up a day. One day we brought up all of her clothes, one day we hung up her decorations, one day we brought up all of her bedding. We split bringing the furniture up over several days, and we had Eliza take up her smaller stuff as her chores. We also spent a lot of time cleaning and purging the rest of the third floor.

I could only fit about 1/2 of Eliza's Pez collection on her only window in her new room. Will have to get creative for the rest.

We took this as an opportunity to seriously organize Eliza’s toys so things are more likely to get played with / stay picked up.

Room with a view.

A week later, and Nick’s room was all clean and empty.

This room is now blank and all ready for my BIL Nick.

He’s taking two weekends to move his stuff, so he’s taking it one step at a time too.

E doing her homework in her new room

Everyone’s all settled and we can’t wait to share some photos of Eliza’s new room set-up with you tomorrow!

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P.S. We bought this awesome One Step at a Time print from Kim Smith at Art Equals Happy and we LOVE the constant mantra reminder!

What would your one step be right now?