Savory Sunday Vol 35

Here’s our meal plan and reality for last week:

The Plan

Sunday | Pizza Hut
Monday | Eggs in a Bowl w/ Bacon
Tuesday | Out to Eat
Wednesday | Lemon Mustard Chicken (from the Cancer Awareness Edition of the New Cook Book)
Thursday | Chicken Tikka Masala
Friday | Spinach Cheese Manicotti
Saturday | Chicken and Noodles

The Reality

Sunday | Pizza Hut
Monday | Eggs in a Bowl w/ Bacon
Tuesday | Jerusalem Bakery
Wednesday | Lemon Mustard Chicken (from the Cancer Awareness Edition of the New Cook Book)
Thursday | Chipotle
Friday | Frozen Pizza + Popcorn Chicken
Saturday | Chubby’s

Pizza Hut

Sunday we had Pizza Hut, because it’s the cheapest and fastest way for us to feed extra people without having to do anything. Jake and I were busy preparing for the launch of Document Life Workshop and our awesome friend Matt came over to hang with the kids while we worked. The upside to getting Pizza Hut instead of our favorite local (and more expensive) pizzeria d’Bronx is that multiple crappy pizzas means being able to get non-Jake approved toppings. So one pizza was Jake’s boring meaty thing and the other was half pineapple and canadian bacon and half sausage and black olive. Oh yeah!

Makimg Eggs in a Bowl

Monday Jake (and Eliza) made eggs in a bowl and bacon, which is pretty much soft boiled eggs chopped up with a disturbing amount of butter.

Eggs in a Bowl

Oh my gosh it’s so good on toast. (Jake’s usually the sous chef, but I love the rare occasions when he makes the whole dinner.) We scheduled a Jake-centered dinner because we knew I’d be pretty exhausted from the giant blog party.

Monday we also had car trouble, which resulted in our car having to be taken off to the shop (we don’t have good luck with cars this year). It’s fine now, but the car trouble threw off the food for the rest of the week, because we didn’t have any way of getting a ton of groceries (we’re a one car family). That also means that Eliza ended up having school lunches for about half of the week.

Jerusalem Bakery: Teriyaki Chicken Wrap

Tuesday we walked over to one of our favorite neighborhood restaurants, Jerusalem Bakery. It’s a bit of a hole-in-the-wall, but it’s good and it’s CHEAP! Plust the kids eat the buffet free, and you can’t beat that. Jake gets the Teriyaki Chicken Wrap (which is not very Mediterranean, right?).


The kids and I get the buffet. Best hummus in the Midwest, I’m willing to bet (even our friends who don’t like hummus like it).

Lemon Mustard Chicken

Wednesday Jake grabbed some groceries on his way home (he rode our scooter to work, which is a long cold drive on a scooter). We had Lemon Mustard Chicken, which I’d never made before (the recipe was from the Cancer Awareness Edition of the New Cook Book). We also had mashed potatoes with pork gravy (which is weird for this meal, but Jake was craving it), and peas. And don’t worry, Eliza and I ate more peas than that. That’s a picture of Jake’s plate.

Later in the week my grandpa let us borrow his car (he’s amazing), but I’m scared to drive it and there’s not enough time in the evenings to go full-on grocery shopping. So we finished off the week with an embarrassing combination of Chipotle on Thursday and frozen pizza and popcorn chicken on Friday. Not the most healthy week at the Nerd Nest, obviously.

We got our car back Friday (yay!).

Splitting this! #datenight

Saturday Jake’s dad and step-mom stole the kids away, so we had a date night. We went to see Looper (our local movie theater has $4 matinees!), drooled at the Apple store, and split a delicious fried chicken sandwich with cheese and bacon at Chubby’s, one of our favorite diners.

Hooray for date night!

*I hate it when dinners go like this week’s, but it’ll be a lot more common around here as the holiday season gets closer.

Here’s what this week will sort of look like:

The Plan

Sunday | Over-easy eggs, spinach, and ham on toast with hollandaise
Monday | Spinach cheese manicotti
Tuesday | Chicken tikka masala
Wednesday | Hclappy’s pizza recipe
Thursday | Leftovers
Friday | Butternut Squash Soup from the current issue of Every Day with Rachael Ray (November 2012)
Saturday | Chicken and noodles

What have you been eating lately? What do you really want to make next week? Do you have links to recipes you think we’ll like?

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