Savory Sunday Vol 34
Here’s our meal plan and reality for last week:

The Plan

Sunday | Very Dairy Potato Soup
Monday | Beef Stroganoff with Brussels Sprouts
Tuesday | Cheese and Bean Enchiladas (from First Meals)
Wednesday | Leftovers
Thursday | Spaghetti & Meatballs w/ Salad
Friday | Frozen Orange Chicken & Fried Rice
Saturday | d’Bronx

The Reality

Sunday | Very Dairy Potato Soup
Monday | Beef Stroganoff with Brussels Sprouts
Tuesday | Cheese and Bean Enchiladas (from First Meals)
Wednesday | Spaghetti w/ Salad
Thursday | d’Bronx
Friday | Frozen Orange Chicken & Fried Rice
Saturday | Leftovers for the Kids / Chipotle

Potato Soup

Sunday we made Very Dairy Potato Soup. It’s SUPER rich, and it’s one of our favorites when the weather starts to cool down. We went to go see my best friend Harvey play flag football and this takes a long time to make, so we finished it off in the crock pot (we just put it on the warm setting while we were gone).

Beef Stroganoff

Monday we had Beef Stroganoff with Brussels Sprouts. Beef Stroganoff is one of Jake’s step-mom’s recipes; we like getting tastes of our childhoods every once in awhile.

I cut the brussels sprouts into eights, stir-fried them in a bit of olive oil until they started to brown a bit, seasoned them with salt and course ground pepper, and added a bit of parmesan cheese right at the end. Earlier this year, I was totally afraid to try brussels sprouts: they have a bad rep. And I didn’t like them when I was little, but that’s because I had them boiled (I remember them being really slimy). They’re delicious stir-fried.

Tuesday we made Cheese and Bean Enchiladas (from First Meals). They’re a big hit with the kids and I love that they make it easy to sneak onions and tomatoes in.


Wednesday we had Spaghetti w/ Salad. We didn’t end up making meatballs, because meat marinara is faster and we wanted to go visit some friends after dinner with time to get back to put the kids in bed on time.


Thursday we had pizza from our favorite local place, d’Bronx. We were in super money saving mode for awhile there, so it’s been a long time (for us) since we had it. So, of course, we inhaled it. Oh, so good.

Orange Chicken

Friday we made Trader Joe’s Frozen Orange Chicken & Fried Rice. We like it more than the take out Chinese places we have close.

Saturday was meant to be leftovers night, but we didn’t have a lot of leftovers because Jonas and I had been eating them for lunches throughout the week. So the kids had leftovers and Jake and I had Chipotle burritos.

We kept it REALLY easy last week as we prepared for the launch of Document Life Workshop (Jake coded the whole thing).

Doughnut Sampler

As for the other stuff, my mom brought over lattes and doughnuts one day this week, and Jonas had to sample each kid of doughnut, which we thought was really funny. Then we went and had lunch with my great-grandpa.

Einstein Brothers

We also went out to brunch on Saturday. Einstein Brothers has pumpkin flavored everything. Yay!

Here’s what this week will sort of look like:

The Plan

Sunday | Pizza Hut
Monday | Eggs in a Bowl w/ Bacon
Tuesday | Out to Eat
Wednesday | Lemon Mustard Chicken (from the Cancer Awareness Edition of the New Cook Book)
Thursday | Chicken Tikka Masala
Friday | Spinach Cheese Manicotti
Saturday | Chicken and Noodles

What have you been eating lately? What do you really want to make next week? Do you have links to recipes you think we’ll like?

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*P.S. We’re not morning people, and I’ve been super bad at recording Eliza’s lunches. So instead of adding them to Savory Sunday posts, we’ll just do a post about some of them once a month or so.