Project Life 2012 | Week 38

Still not running current with these, as I’m using Persnickety Prints instead of printing from home for now. I think I’m putting in one last order from Persnickety for weeks 39 and 40 (plus a lot of other photos for other things) this weekend; then I’m going back to home printing.

Anyway, this week covers September 16-22 and is the most simple week I’ve done in a long long time. In fact, I put pretty much the whole thing together during the Live Recorded Video Chat Allie and I did for Document Life Workshop.

Project Life 2012 | Week 38

Almost all of the supplies I used this week are from the Amy Tangerine Ready Set Go Collection. I’m pretty sure I’m going to just use it on everything until it’s gone. I love it and it’s super versatile.

This week also came out very Jonas-centric. Some of you with multiple kids might wonder how I think about balancing the volume of documentation for each kid in memory keeping. I’m okay with it how it is: some weeks might focus more one kid than the other, and Jonas DOES get photographed the most overall (but that’s just because he’s the person that’s nearest to the camera most of the time). There are a lot of hours just me and J-bird while Jake and Eliza are off in the world. Also, he follows Eliza around every moment she’s home, so most of the pictures of Eliza also have Jonas in them. But hey, there are scrapbooks and scrapbooks dedicated mostly to Eliza. And she’s got minibooks like this Eliza at 6 daybook completely dedicated to her. None of our kids are going to be able to look back and say, “You loved my brother/ sister more, obviously, because they’re more documented!” They’ll all feel the love. Or think I’m crazy.

Project Life 2012 | Week 38

The first side of the spread has a bonfire, a self-portrait of Jake’s, Jonas getting really excited about baking, and a bunch of Instagrams (we’re @Megan_NerdNest and @Jake_NerdNest).

Some of those Instagrams are REALLY cute. Eliza in a dress, then Jonas in the same dress (she’s been playing dress-up lately and he’s a huge copycat), the kids coloring together, Jonas with his hands in oven mitts, looking like a crab. I love getting those teeny everyday moments in.

Project Life 2012 | Week 38

The left side is Jonas’s first hair cut + Eliza’s black eye. The poor dude was getting really “party in the back” there.

Project Life 2012 | Week 38

Yep, that’s really hair in that pocket. I did it with the layout about Eliza’s first haircut too.

To keep the lock of hair in place, I put it in a small page protector, sewed the page protector to the paper, cut of the excess plastic, then slipped it into the pocketed page protector. So there’s not just hair flying around in the pocket. It’s between several layers.

Project Life 2012 | Week 38

And poor Eliza with her black eye. Jonas threw a plate at her (not to be mean, just because he hasn’t figured out what’s okay to throw and what’s not yet). We didn’t realize how bad it was until she came home from school with a shiner!

Those labels are leftover from the tons I stamped for the Florida Mini. I should prep more supplies to use like those labels; they’re one of my favorite things. And I’d be way less likely to use them if I had to break out the stamps and ink every time.

I love this week. I can’t wait to start working on the next two! Meanwhile, I’ve got photos for a lot more of my Project Life 2011 in 2012, so expect a few of those in the coming week. In case you couldn’t tell, this is my favorite Project EVER.

Have you every used really weird things, like hair, in memory keeping?

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