Project Life 2011 | Week 7

I’m back with another week of Project Life 2011 in 2012. I’m using the Project Life format to document last year, this year. This week covered February 12-18, 2011.

Project Life 2011 | Week 7

Just, you know, adorable kid photos and Valentine’s Day. Simple, simple. I didn’t have as many photos I liked for this week as I usually do, so I added more patterned paper slots with words. Also, all of the paper this week came from 6×6 paper pads. I love using them for Project Life.

All of the documentation for this week came from our 365 2011: Week 7 post and Jake’s and my Facebook timelines.

Project Life 2011 | Week 7

The first page has a series of photos of Jake making funny faces at Jonas (little babys make REALLY weird facial expressions; it’s super funny to try to copy them), Jake trying to get Jonas to laugh, my best friend Harvey snuggling Jonas (he lived in our neighborhood at the time and was over A LOT), and Eliza after getting back from spending the night with her grandparents.

Project Life 2011 | Week 7

The second page is photos of Eliza and Jonas on Valentine’s Day (love those photos), and lots of journaling. I love using papers with lines, stripes, or grids to journal: my handwriting comes out much neater that way. Notice that a lot of the journaling has NOTHING to do with the photos. Journaling as photo captions comes most easily to me, but there’s a lot of great stuff that happens in life that doesn’t get captured with the camera (or can’t be). I love including that stuff too.

I have onnnne more week of these PL 2011 posts to share, then it’s back to Project Life 2012, as soon as my photos from Persnickety and my We R Memory Keepers Crop-A-Dile Corner Chomper Tool arrive in the mail (my old EK success corner punch bit the dust)! I also ordered all of the photos for my November 2011 PL for an upcoming workshop I’m teaching! Details to come on that 🙂

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Project Life is a memory keeping concept created by Becky Higgins.