Project Life 2011 | Week 6

I’m back with another week of Project Life 2011 in 2012.

I’m using the Project Life format to document last year. The documentation is all ready and waiting to be put into albums, so I’m taking my time with this project. It will be an ebb and flow sort of project for sure. Get ready for a flow, though, because I now have photos printed up through Week 8! I have a bunch of these posts planned for this week, then it’s back to Project Life 2012.

Project Life 2011 | Week 6

Week 6 covers February 5-11, and the documentation is a combination of our 365 2011: Weeks 5 & 6 post and stuff from Jake’s and my Facebook timelines. The fact that our photos are all organized by year chronologically in iPhoto libraries makes the process of finding the right photos for the right week super easy too.

Project Life 2011 | Week 6

The left side of the spread features chef Eliza, me after a tour of Eliza’s school (before we applied), and Jonas with a new toy. I tear up every time I look at older photos of the kids. They’re getting big way to quickly for me. I love these everyday shots but wish I had documented a little more about the rhythm of our days. Eliza’s in the first grade now, and I already can’t quite grasp what we did all day before she went to school.

When I don’t leave an extra pocket for journaling, I love including captions with label stickers wrapped around the edges of the photos. This is a technique I see myself repeating again and again because it works so well.

Project Life 2011 | Week 6

The right side covers Eliza’s check-up / shots, how Jonas was growing, E’s costume obsession, and J’s baby swing (which was a parenting lifesaver).

It’s funny to me that I was totally overwhelmed by the photos I took last year, but when you compare this spread with 10 photos to my 2012 spreads that average over 50 photos, that seems almost laughable now. Love this project. Love that it makes my crazy over-documentation possible to process.

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Project Life is a memory keeping concept created by Becky Higgins.