Skull headband

To celebrate our October Project Challenge to make something seasonal, we’re showing you how to make our Halloween headbands! We sold these as limited editions in 2009 in our shop and they were super popular.

Custom Halloween Pumpkin Headband Broach- Limited Edition

That pumpkin one up there even made it to Etsy’s front page!

Acorn Headband

We’re not making them this season, so now we’re passing on the knowledge so you’ll know how to make some for yourself! Making cute seasonal shaped felt accessories for headbands and broaches is a cost effective way to add seasonal accents to your appearance. They’re super cute, especially for kids (we love these Eliza modeling photos circa 2009!).

Halloween Headband Tutorial

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Felt (white for the ghost and skull, orange for the pumpkin, and light + brown for the acorn)
  • Scissors (we use paper scissors and fabric scissors)
  • Marker
  • Embroidery needle
  • Embroidery threads (colors optional, but we like black or green for the skulls, yellow for the pumpkin, medium brown for the acorn, and white for the ghost)
  • Plain headband or broach clasp
  • Template
  • Optional: Buttons for the skull or a bit of green ribbon for the pumpkin

Halloween Felt Template Save the full sized template and print at 8.5 x 11 to keep the correct proportions. We’ve included the template for a skull, skeleton, acorn, and a bonus ghost shape!

When you cut from the template, only cut the outside of the shapes. The inside lines are guidelines for sewing on accents. The acorn has two sperate pieces because it uses two separate colors of felt.

We’re going to show you how to make the skull, but you can use these directions and the template to make the other shapes too!

Check the photos we’ve included for reference.

Halloween Headband Tutorial

First cut out the shape of your choice from the template and cut two similar sized felt pieces as well. You want the felt to be slightly larger than the paper template, as shown.

Trace around the shape with a marker. Repeat for the second piece of felt.

Halloween Headband Tutorial

Cut the traced shape from both pieces of felt. Cut along the inside of your mark, so that the marker doesn’t show.

Halloween Headband Tutorial

Attach your headband or broach attachement to one of your felt cut-outs with the needle and embroidery thread.

Halloween Headband Tutorial

Add any details to the other felt piece using the template as a guide. For the skull shape, we sew on two button eyes and make a mouth from embroidery thread. For the ghost, you’ll want to add a face. For the pumpkin, you’ll sew ridges to give it dimension. For the acorn, you’ll sew “x”s on the top to mimic an acorn’s criss-cross pattern.

Halloween Headband Tutorial

Next you’ll attach the back piece and the front piece together by sewing around the perimeter with embroidery floss. We like to hide the messy part (which is why we use two pieces instead of one.)

Halloween Headband Tutorial

Ta-da! Easy as pie (which is actually pretty hard to make from scratch, but that’s besides the point).

Custom Halloween Pumpkin Headband Broach- Limited Edition

We’ve already got plenty of headbands floating around the house to wear, so we’re thinking about stretching this idea by enlarging the template shapes and making a garland! That would be a project that’s easy enough to make with Miss Eliza, and Jonas can even help string them on!

Miss Skellington

Make sure to show us if you make your own! Are you planning on making anything seasonal this month?

P.S. If you’re looking for something else Halloween-y to make, check out our One Sew Pennant Banner Tutorial!