Eliza's Painted Suitcase

Earlier today Meg told you that we planted flowers for our September Project Challenge. We also took on another project that got our hands dirty, this one for Eliza.

She painted a suitcase.

Eliza's Painted Suitcase

We thrifted the suitcase for around $3 a long time ago: Megan has been hoarding them. We’ve used them for a lot of different things. Right now most of them are stacked up in our supply room filled with fabric.

Eliza got to pick one to use to store her scrapbooking supplies (Megan is giving Eliza a lot of scraps to use on things like E’s Nature Book) and she chose an olive green one that’s just a little too plain Jane for Miss Eliza. So we got out the acrylic paints and let E go to town.

Eliza's Painted Suitcase

Eliza mixed her own colors, which I think is pretty impressive. All you really need is black, white, yellow, red, and blue for any painting project.

Eliza's Painted Suitcase

We had Eliza do the first round outside, which ended up being a really good decision, because she ended up painting with her hands and made a GIANT mess. We keep a bunch of old ratty towels around just for situations like these.

Eliza's Painted Suitcase

After her first layer of purple paint dried, Eliza did all of her detail work inside on our kitchen table. We have a ratty old sheet that we put down for projects like that. Eliza is getting really into abstract art lately (she’s been hooked since she did her Jackson Pollock project), so she decided to make this about color, form, and balance instead of painting butterflies and flowers (which is what she started out with).

Eliza's Painted SuitcaseEliza's Painted SuitcaseEliza's Painted Suitcase

We think it turned out pretty neat. Hopefully having a cool place to stash her supplies will make her more inclined to keep everything corralled.

Eliza's Painted Suitcase

This project was quick, cheap, easy, and kept Eliza really really happy creating for HOURS! This, of course, could be translated into a grown-up project. Maybe you just want to have the prettiest luggage at the airport. Or maybe you want a cool place to hide your holiday sweaters under your bed. Suitcases can be really useful!

We’ll let you know how the paint on this holds up. So far, so good, but we might need to spray it with a few coats of sealer.

Have you ever given something a new life with paint?

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