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Here at the Nerd Nest, we’re big on nerd pride. We live in a world where it’s cool to be smart, and we want a space in that world where others can share their nerdy interests with you too. Welcome to Spred the Nerd, a guest series where awesome nerds like us tell you about their nerdy area of interest and teach you a little something too.

Today’s Spread the Nerd is brought to you by Kam of Campfire Chic.

Campfire Chic

When I started brainstorming about what I could write for Spread the Nerd so I could be a part of this awesome feature, I had to stop and think to myself…what nerdy thing do I know enough about to hopefully spread the nerdiness to others?

The first things that came to mind? Identity development in college-aged students, social media, magic, dystopian young adult novels…and search engine optimization. I knew I hit gold…who doesn’t love chatting about search engine optimization? Okay, maybe that’s not the question I should be asking…search engine optimization (SEO) doesn’t sound crafty, it doesn’t sound cutesy, and it certainly doesn’t sound blogabble. It’s actually pretty darn nerdy. Jackpot.

Then I got to thinking…is the niche too bogged down with talk of SEO? will The Nerd Nest readers roll their eyes if I start talking about the importance of inbound links? Will they scoff at my elementary explanation of meta tags?

Maybe. Maybe not.

My hope is that there is at least one reader who becomes interested in what I like to think of as the narwhal of blogging…people like to talk about it, some even go so far as looking up the wiki, but only a handful really understand it. I love writing about SEO and other blogging-related topics in a way that doesn’t make it sound stuffy and boring. Heck, I refer to Google as the popular girls in high school and overloading on keywords as  getting you uninvited to a makeout party. SEO can be fun and it can be bloggable!

Why SEO?

Like Amy, I think magic is fun…and SEO seems like a bit of internet magic to me! It helps me:

  • Better my content
  • Improve the functionality of by blog/website
  • Make the overall content (including images) easier to interpret for screen readers

What I like the most about SEO is that there is an air of mystery, it makes me strive to do my best when writing and creating a post, and feels like a puzzle when I’m crafting a guest blog post where I am in control of the inbound links. 

Yes…I like having control… 

I’m not too concerned about overall ranking due to the variety of topics covered on Campfire Chic, but I do want individual posts to rank well…especially tutorials.

From brainstorming ways to increase inbound links, testing keyword rankings, and writing SEO-friendly copy, I automatically think in terms of SEO when working on Campfire Chic and 30 Days of Lists. I started working on it from the very beginning…things have changed a bit over the past two years, but some things still hold true.

Interested in learning more about SEO?

Kam shares her love for blogging and camping on Campfire Chic. When she isn’t thinking of SEO as the narwhal of blogging, she likes to post about productivity, adventure, and Project Life. You can find out more about Kam by following her on Twitter.

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