Yep, I'm bustin' out double flannel for the latter half of this rainy, cold day.

I’m bustin’ out the flannel; Autumn is here!

It’s getting cold outside at night, and we love keeping the window in the master bedroom cracked. We’re “let’s sleep under three to five blankets” people. I love comforters; my favorite is ugly and from my teenage years and falling apart and so so soft. Anyway, Jake and I are no good at snuggling at night (I toss and turn), but that time between the first snooze and us actually dragging ourselves out of bed in the morning is magic. And that awesome snuggling is even better when it’s a bit chilly (though it’s also harder to get out of bed on time). One day last week, Jake had to go in super early for a long end-of-the-quarter day at the office. Instead of leaving me to the cold half hour alone, he got both of the kids out of their beds and put them into ours so I’d have people to snuggle during the magic snooze-to-wake time period. That was an amazing way to wake up.

Yes! Thanks for te surprise, @jake_nerdnest !

Speaking of Jake being sweet, he surprise bought us fun.’s Some Nights. We’ve been singing the songs, and I was complaining that it’s harder to fall in love with an album as a whole with digital music (which I could rant about for a whole other post), and three days later: on our doorstep. Related: I wish our local music stores that sold NEW music hadn’t all gone out of business (we’ve still got a few great record shops in our neighborhood, though).

Best Part of Baking

Jonas is REALLY into baking right now. He loves pouring in amounts. Eliza loves it too; she likes trying to read the recipe and figuring out fractions with me. It’s good taking turns practice for them: they both stand on the step stool and have to trade off pouring things into the mixer. Jonas was most excited when we made chocolate pumpkin muffins last week: there weren’t any eggs, so he got to lick the spatula. That was one happy dude, I’ll tell you.

Self Portrait

We haven’t had as much time to go on photo walks lately, but Jake snuck away recently to take a punch of photos at a local park. He’ll have to edit and share all of the pretty photos he took, but I stole this awesome self portrait he took of himself. Probably by setting the camera on a rock.

Eliza's Photo of Jake

Jake has been teaching Eliza about composition in photography, and she took this awesome portrait of Jake. She’s pretty awesome.

Plugged in

She can only practice with our DSLR with help, so one of our family members gave her a phone to use to take pictures and video the rest of the time. Jake disabled most of the features on it, so it’s basically a camera. The life documentation obsession has officially been passed down. (She thinks it’s totally normal for families to take so many pictures. She also assumes that all parents have blogs.)

Went over to se sonogram pictures! #latergram

My best friend Harvey and his wife Lisa are having a baby girl! We went over to see the sonogram pictures yesterday. I’m super excited.

Reading Together

As always, there’s a lot of reading going on around here. Eliza’s starting to read to Jonas more, which melts my heart.

I leave you with a typical picture of what our late afternoons are looking like right now:

Watering he flowers (and each other).

What’s going on with you right now?

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