Eliza's Crash Collage

A few weeks ago our one car was completely totaled in a hit and run. (If you didn’t read that post, you’ll probably have to if you want this post to make sense.) We thought we’d give you an update on what’s going on with all of that.

First of all, how cool is it that Eliza picked up all of the small pieces from the crash piece to make a collage with them? And this was even before she saw that I saved a flat piece of our car to put in my week 33 Project Life spread. She said she was “investigating”. According to the detectives, taping teeny evidence to a sheet is pretty much what they do to at the station. She was pretty proud of that. I love her creativity and imagination. She also has a really big heart. She said that she wanted to make more paintings to sell to raise money for a new car. We told her not to worry about it (of course), but we thought it was super sweet. It was the kid version of, “Let’s pull together and figure this out.”


As for catching the guy, Jake got the license plates but that doesn’t mean we have the driver: the driver switched the plates before crashing into our car. The person the plates are registered to says that the plates were stolen and then returned, which sounds like nonsense to us, but that might mean that the plates person knows the driver.

We have witnesses saying that the truck came squealing out of the gas station near us, and the detectives just got the tapes reviewed from the night of the crash. The guy didn’t buy anything (which would have been ideal; if he used a credit card they’d have been able to trace him right away), but he was instead spending fifteen minutes in the gas station stealing. Which gives the police more cause to investigate, because he hit our car fleeing the scene of a crime (we originally thought that he was a drunk driver). And they have his face. Hopefully they’ll catch him and he’ll have insurance so we can get some money back out of our car, but we’re not counting our chickens before they hatch. That’s a best case scenario, and we know it.

Our new (to us) car!

We were saving up for a new-to-us used car, but we were only about 1/3 of the way to our goal. Thankfully, we got a small loan from a family member so we didn’t have to buy a junker. We’re just supposed to keep saving as if we were saving to buy a car in the Spring as we were originally intending, and then fork it over. We are so, so lucky that our family is there to support us!

The car we got was more amazing than we’d ever hoped for: it’s a Lincoln (named Abraham, of course!). My grandpa found it at an auction for us, and we paid about 2/3 of the value of the car for it! Yes!


We were expecting just a teeny tiny improvement on the car we already had. We were expecting our old crappy car, but with four doors and working windows (which our old car did not have). Instead we have the coolest car ever with all sorts of gizmos and gadgets and luxuries on the inside. We’re so excited about it.

My first time driving the "new" car (even though we've had it a week).

I’ve even driven it once! (I hate driving and try to do it as little as possible.)

So, in review, Eliza is awesome, we probably won’t get any money from our old car but the case got more interesting, and we actually came out ahead with our cool new Abraham. Woot!