30 Days of Lists September 2012 | List 1

30 Days of Lists has begun! I’m so excited to get listing and read / see everyone else’s take. This is my second round of #30Days and I AM PUMPED! For my March 2012 Lists Book, I didn’t use any photos. This time around, I thought I’d switch it up by treating (at least some of) the lists as teeny scrapbooking pages. A lot of listers are more sensible and keep it super simple, but that doesn’t seem to be in my DNA.

30 Days of Lists September 2012 | List 1

I used an Instagram of Jonas drawing on the dry erase board hanging in our breakfast room / dining room area. It’s one of the many, many places lists are displayed around our house. I also included a collection of circles punched from actual lists for groceries, blog post ideas, day planning, and meal planning.

30 Days of Lists September 2012 | List 1

In case you can’t read my terrible handwriting:

I am a lister because…

-It helps me keep track.
-It speeds things up.
-It gets out ideas.
-It prevents me from forgetting.
-It serves as a visual reminder-

30 Days of Lists | September 2012

blue-join-today If you haven’t pre-registered yet, head on over! It’s only 8 bucks to join, and the community, digital downloads, giveaways, discount codes, tutorials, and list prompts are worth SO MUCH MORE THAN THAT! Don’t worry about feeling like you’re getting a late start. In March, I didn’t join in until listing was well underway. I even wrote a post on Getting Started Late. If you missed it, you should also check out the Bonus List / 30 Days of Lists Blog Hop to get a taste of what’s to come! (*We’re sponsoring 30 Days of Lists and are affiliates. If you sign up through links on this blog, you’re helping to support the Nerd Nest!)

Why are you a lister?

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