30 Days of Lists September 2012 | Days 5 & 6

I’ve got a few more pages from my 30 Days of Lists album to share with you! Remember when I said I’d be doing a lot of them like little scrapbook pages? That was a lie. I’m out of printer ink, so I’m moving on from that idea.

Related: I did the six lists that I’m sharing today all in one sitting. Sometimes I’m able to do lists daily, and sometimes it’s easier to work in a big ‘ole chunk. There’s no wrong way, after all!

30 Days of Lists September 2012 | Day 5

Here’s my Day 5 list:

Reasons to start sleeping more:

-more energy
-feel better
-need less caffeine

The background is a bag included with my recent print purchase from Art Equals Happy.

30 Days of Lists September 2012 | Day 6

List 6:

Reasons to quit over-scheduling myself:
-lowers anxiety
-I’m more fun
-I can relax
-it’s easier to be creative
-the work I do is better
-more time to read!

30 Days of Lists September 2012 | Days 7 & 8

As I said before, I’m using all scraps and stuff on my desk for this book. So I’m not worried if some of my pages aren’t quite to size. In fact, I kind of like it because you can peak into the future and past of the book.

30 Days of Lists September 2012 | Day 7

Day 7:

Midnight snacks
-Oreos and Milk
-trail mix
-handful of almonds
-pumpkin bread
-decaf tea

30 Days of Lists September 2012 | Day 8

Day 8:

Out my front door:
-tiny yard
-wagon & stroller
-big oak tree
-businesses: mechanic, insurance company, gas station, liquor store, busy street
-neighborhood: old big houses like ours & apartments

30 Days of Lists September 2012 | Day 9 & Blog Hop List

On the right there is my page from the Blog Hop. I’m not putting the lists 100% in order; I’m switching pages around based on what looks awesome.

30 Days of Lists September 2012 | Day 9

Day 9:

Today you can find me:
-snuggling Jonas and Charcoal
-playing outside in a jacket
-making dinner for Poppy, Beth, Brad, Nathan, my mom, and Taylor
-cleaning the 1st floor
-working on DLW stuff
-drinking coffee
-wearing pajamas until people get here
-reading with Eliza
-working on the NN redesign with Jake
-starting Dances with Dragons

30 Days of Lists September 2012 | Day 1 & 10

On the left there is the first list. Again, not so worried about the order.

30 Days of Lists September 2012 | Day 10

Day 10:

I am at my best when:
-I get good sleep
-I’ve had coffee
-I’m with my family
-I have quiet / alone time
-Things are organized
-There are no distractions
-I’m using my BRAIN!

30 Days of Lists | September 2012

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