30 Days of Lists September 2012 | Days 11-16

I’ve got a few more pages from my 30 Days of Lists album to share with you! Just like the last batch, I did these all in one sitting. I do better making a bunch of things at once instead of daily (streamline!).

30 Days of Lists September 2012 | Days 11 & 12

Again, I’m using one of our vintage book journals as the base and only scraps on my desk for the pages and decoration. It challenges me to use what’s on hand and my desk is getting a lot cleaner!

30 Days of Lists September 2012 | Day 11

Here’s my Day 11 list:

Fav Smells:
-candles from Bath & Body Works: Eucalyptus Spearmint & Leaves
-the unique smells of Jake & the kids
-books & fresh notebook paper
-bread baking
-Autumn air

I like that some of the pages are smaller so you can see the list before.

30 Days of Lists September 2012 | Day 12

Day 12:

Fictional places I’d like to live:
-Prof. X’s school for gifted youngsters
-Hogwarts / the Burrow
-Middle Earth
-Jurassic Park
*Most stories about fictional places that I love are dystopian: NOT places I’d want to live!

30 Days of Lists September 2012 | Days 13 & 14

The green part there was an envelope for a birthday party invitation! It kind of turns me into a hoarder, but you can use practically anything paper for memory keeping.

30 Days of Lists September 2012 | Day 13

Day 13:

Dinner Party Guests
-Kurt Vonnegut
-Ian MacKaye
-Nick Hornby
-Tim Armstrong
-Sherman Alexie
-Jon Stewart
-Marc Chagall
-Sophie Scholl
-Sylvia Plath
-Ronald Takaki
-bell hooks

30 Days of Lists September 2012 | Day 14

Day 14:

I know I’m getting older when:
-I want to stay home on a Friday night.
-I compare the times to when I was a kid
-I can’t pull an all-nighter
-I buy food BEFORE concert tickets

30 Days of Lists September 2012 | Days 15 & 16

You’ll notice there are tons of spelling mistakes. That’s me. I’m cool with it.

30 Days of Lists September 2012 | Day 15

Day 15:

I know I’m young at heart when:
-I buy toys for the kids based on what I want to play with
-I get excited to go to the zoo and Science City
-I want to watch superhero & kid movies all day
-I love paper & glue

30 Days of Lists September 2012 | Day 16

Day 16:

Things I’d like to learn:
-in-depth quantitative research methods
-bread making
-more history
-more literature
-more sociology
-let’s be honest:

30 Days of Lists | September 2012

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