An now for my next round of 30 Days of Lists updates! I’ll be sprinkling these in sporadically, sharing a few at a time throughout the month. Up there is List 2. You’ll notice I put it as the title page. There aren’t any #30Lists rules, you can put them in any order you want! I felt like this one was a good one to start off with, so I shuffled the pages a bit.


September Goals

-launch DLW
Get my hands dirty
-Prepare for X-mas season (I don’t want the crazy orders to take us by surprise this year!)
-PLAY more


This time around I’m sticking in pages as I go, and I have a “only stuff on my desk” rule. So I’m not “allowed” to go looking for supplies. I have to use what’s right in front of me. This should be good for both my stash busting needs and my time management. I work better creatively with parameters, for some reason. The paper on the left looks like one continuous sheet, but it’s actually two scraps stitched together, leftover from a custom mixed paper book I made for a lovely reader. On the right is a bag included with my recent print purchase from Art Equals Happy. Honestly, the packing materials were almost as good as the prints I bought. The chair embellishment was from an Etsy purchase too. (Long live handmade!)


My [extended] family would describe me as…
-a shutterbug
-a brain
-an indoor tomboy
-a mama bear


When I need a time out…

-I take a walk.
-I sit on the front porch.
-I take a bath.
-I read a book.
-I drink a hot beverage.

That last bit was a Big Bang Theory reference, but is still very true.

30 Days of Lists | September 2012

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