Nerd Nest Monthly Project Challenge

At the beginning of every month, we post a challenge for ourselves and you! At the end of the month, in theory, we’ll post our completed projects (Jake and I are both doing one) and will have a link-up for you to share yours! The projects can be interpreted in any way you want. Interpret our challenge to do a project in crafts, photography, creative writing, home decor, technical gadgetry, cooking, or whatever you can come up with.

July Project Challenge

July’s challenge was to start a project that intimidates you. Something that’s a little scary. Something you’ve been putting off because you’re afraid it’s too difficult, or too BIG.

You can read our plans for July here.

Cleaning the Siding
Cleaning the Siding

Jake did just what he intended to do with this challenge: he cleaned our siding. That might not seem like an intimidating project, but our house is big. And tall. And covered in probably decades of grime. He’s about halfway through, working diligently with a broom, ladder, extension pole, hose, and soapy house cleaner stuff… and we’re excited to show before and after pictures when it’s all said and done. It’s going to look like a whole new house!

I’m proud of Jake, because there’s no way I would have taken that project on (though I did get roped in to being the ladder holder).

I intended to work on my carpentry skills in my grandpa’s workshop, but he was out of town for a lot of the month (and there’s no way I’m facing a table saw without expert supervision). So I did other stuff that intimidated me instead.

Photo Transfer
Photo Transfer

The first intimidating project I tackled (well, “we tackled” really) was the giant transfer, organization, and back-up of all of our digital photos. We talked about that in this One Step post. That was scary because I was worried I’d mess up and end up deleting a ton of photos, and it was intimidating because it was a BIG long project.

Guest Post at L&R
Project Life 2012 | April Cover Page

The big “overcoming intimidation” project I did this month, however, was actually all in the realm of guest posting. I blog a crazy amount, so you’d think that blogging for other people would be a breeze.

It isn’t. It’s intimidating.

It’s scary to put yourself out there as an expert on a topic, to present information to a whole new audience, and to work to represent yourself as well as the host. I overcame that fear, mostly through using Amy‘s awesome guest blogging resource Connect (*Amy is a friend and sponsor, but she doesn’t even know I’m posting about this. I purchased Connect, it was not given to me for review.)

I got over my intimidation and submitted a guest post to Lemon and Raspberry on How to Make Time for Your Great Work and also hosted a series of Project Life challenges on the Big Picture Classes Blog (read them here: introduction, challenge one, challenge two, challenge three, challenge four).

We also started our first guest post series, Spread the Nerd with a guest post from Amy, the Things-that-are-magical Nerd. Starting a guest post series is intimidating because it means that we have to talk to other people, being accountable, connecting with others, committing to schedules, and sometimes even offer rejections or constructive criticism. Yikes! We really want this blog to be a place where people can show their nerd pride, so we’re overcoming that intimidation and rolling with it. If you’d like to try a hand at guest posting, you can consider sumbitting to the Nerd Nest for our Spread the Nerd series or on another topic you’re passionate about. Just contact us.

How’s all that for overcoming intimidation!?!

Come back tonight for the August Project Challenge.

Check out our other monthly challenges and results here. They are meant to inspire, so you can do them any time–not just in the month we post them!