Hit and Run

As those of you who follow us on Twitter and Instagram (@Megan_NerdNest and @Jake_NerdNest) already know, Saturday night our only car was totalled. (Happy Anniversary to us, right?)

It was a hit and run, but I got the guy’s tags and description of his truck as he peeled out. We were hanging out at home with Jessica after our friends’ wedding. We heard a loud squeal, and I looked out of the window to see what was going on. I saw a truck coming around the corner “fish tailing” and losing control. I started running to the front door when I saw this because I knew he was at an angle where he was going to hit our car, which was parked on the street without a doubt (we don’t have a driveway). When I opened the door, the truck was already backed up and ready to run. I sprinted to the street and got his tags and a good look at him and his passenger. I ran inside immediately to write down absolutely everything I could so that I wouldn’t forget in the super hectic next few hours.

I called the police, filed a report immediately. Megan and I took a bunch of photos for evidence while neighbors and witnesses gave statements to police officers.

Hit and Run

Our car, which was my first car, is a goner. Three of the four wheels were damaged to the point where they’re no longer able to roll. The passenger side back wheel took the brunt of the force on impact, so naturally it was in the worst shape. The back driver side had the most extensive body damage, which also caused the driver door to bow inward. Long story short, there was so much force when it was hit that the stereo in the dash flew out and was dangling by it’s wires… the force was so strong it turned the car nearly 90 degrees, over the sidewalk and next to our retaining wall.

Hit and Run

We cleaned out all of the stuff out and Megan and Jessica huddled together sadly as I supervised the towing. At least the tow company isn’t charging us: either they’ll charge the perp if he’s caught, or they’ll keep the car scrap money.

I talked to the investigator today, and thankfully the plate number matches up with the kind of truck we saw. Hopefully, when they catch the guy, he’ll have insurance (because ours doesn’t cover this). Otherwise, we’ll have to sue him in small claims court.

We’ve been saving for a new (to us) car, but we’re only about 1/4 of the way towards our goal. Hopefully we’ll be able to get back the fair market value of our totalled car; otherwise we’ll have to buy a car that’s even crummier than the one we had.

I drove my scooter to work Monday and Harvey (Meg’s other best friend) was awesome and took her to buy groceries on Sunday. When Poppy (Meg’s grandpa) heard about our plight, he had Beth (Meg’s Aunt) bring us his car (he’s out of town). Beth had a coworker follow her to our house on her lunchbreak so she could drop the car off and then she had her husband Brad pick her up from work. We know it was a huge hassle, and we’re really thankful that everyone is going out of their way to help us. We’re also thankful that a local business is letting us park in their lot now during non-business hours, so we can keep Poppy’s car off of the street. And, obviously, we’re most thankful that no one was in the car when it was hit.

P.S. We’ll be posting a little less, as we’re trying to spend more time on things that, you know, make money. Like listing our whole typewriter collection. So we’re skipping a few regular features, but there will still be at least a post a day, rest assured.