Eliza's Reads

Summer means even more reading and around here, and summer feels as if it’s officially begun now that Eliza’s out of summer school for a few weeks before fall classes start up. Eliza has been reading more and more often: we used to only read in the car or before bed (usually), but now she’s having fun reading to Jonas and reading to me sometimes while I cook dinner. She wanted to share some of the books she’s read on her own lately, since we usually only share the chapter books that we’ve read together. Here’s what Eliza has to say about the six early readers she’s read lately.

Here are the books we talked about in this video:

As Eliza says, make sure to let us know what you (or your kids!) think of these books if you’ve read them.

We’d love to hear your recommendations as well! Eliza is on level one / early readers for now. Learning to read has been much more difficult for her than it is for most kids because they don’t learn to read in English in school. She only learns to read in English at home, and she’s just now getting over mixing up the French sounds with the English ones. And to our Francophone readers, recommendations on favorite French language children’s books would be much appreciated!

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