Eliza's Pattern Bracelet

Eliza and I are participating in Allie’s Craft Olympics! In case you didn’t catch it yet, Jake and I even made the Craft Olympics the August Project Challenge. Eli had a great idea for her entry for Event #5: Best Use of Pattern–she made a bracelet!

Eliza's Pattern Bracelet

Eliza cut a strip of colored cardstock and drew a pattern in crayon. She drew spirals on the bottom of the strip and then alternated triangles, circles with lines around them, and spirals on the top row. The top row has a color pattern and the bottom row doesn’t: she wanted to use a ton of different colors on that part! She made up the pattern all by herself.

Eliza's Pattern Bracelet

We added the tiniest bit of Target “washi” tape to attach the two ends of the paper strip. She made sure it was big enough that she’d be able to slip it off, but small enough that it wouldn’t fall off.

Eliza just made one for me too, and we’re thinking of spraying it with a sealer so that it won’t mess up too bad if it gets a little wet.

Eliza says, “You should try to make this too! If you’re six or something, you can make one for you and maybe your dad and your mom. You can make them for anyone! Come to the Nerd Nest if you have any questions.”

Hah! She cracks me up.

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What pattern projects do you have up your sleeve?