Eliza on Computer Cool School

Which is a big milestone for anyone living in the Nerd Nest.

Eliza's Desk

Jake set up our old Dell for her so she can work on her Computer Cool School, which has been gathering dust. She’s had her Computer Cool School since 2009 (the Christmas we cried because she asked for a computer and a book!), so I’m not sure if you can find it in stores anymore. It’s a pretty nifty little program, with reading, writing, math, art, music, and science program sections. She’s really liking writing letters on the tablet right now; it’s keeping her handwriting practice up.

Eliza on Computer Cool School

It makes her feel big, and we’re thankful that a percentage of her drawing is now on a hard drive instead of all over our floors.

We also like that the computer and the program are both password protected, so she can’t use it or change what she’s doing without help. She’s also right there in the same room with us, so she can’t get sucked in for hours and hours.

I remember LOVING learning computer games when my grandparents got their first computer when I was about Eliza’s age. My favorites were a dinosaur game and an anatomy game. If anyone knows of science-y computer games for kids, let us know about them! Eliza would love them.

Eliza Scrapbooking

Even though she’s getting some Dad skills, I will say that her desk still looks like the above photo most of the time. So I’m winning the “make the kids like me” contest slightly. Hah!