Chalkboard Spice Containers

We told you a few days ago that we buy our spices at the city market from Al Habashi Mart for about a dollar a scoop. Two dollars, for the fancy stuff like smoked paprika (one of Meg’s favorites).

Chalkboard Spice Containers

They give you the spices in a little baggie, and for awhile that’s where we kept them. Our spices lived in a bowl in little baggies. So organized. But then we found these little preserving jars at our local grocery store (we’ve seen them at our hardware store too). Perfect.

Now they were contained, which is a really good thing as more and more of our spices come from Al Habashi, but there’s no way I could tell them apart. Megan knows them by sight and smell, but she’d still have to open up several containers to smell a few to pick the right one. Sometimes it’s like a magical ability: how the heck can she tell the difference between nutmeg and allspice? Amazing. That said, she did once accidentally mix up some paprika and cayenne pepper. Ooops. Clearly we needed some labeling going on. Chalkboard paint to the rescue!

Chalkboard Spice Containers in Progress

We used this chalkboard brush-on paint and foam brushes to paint the lids. We made a bunch of extras for Megan’s Mom’s birthday, too. Eliza did most of the painting, so the paint is a little more textured than it should be (LOL).

If you try this, make sure to do two coats. Also, as with any new chalkboard, rub chalkboard on and erase it before you start writing. This will prep the surface so you won’t see the words you wrote even after you erase.

Chalkboard Spice Containers

Voila! Labeled spice jars. So much cheaper in the long run: Hurrah!

Chalkboard Spice Containers

They’re stacked right next to our stove for easy access.

The Truth About My Kitchen

Annnnnd in the interest of transparency, that’s what our kitchen actually looks like right now. We’re super messy, folks.

Have you ever purchased spices from a small specialty market instead of the grocery store? How do you store your spices?

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