Savory Sunday Vol 24

Here’s our meal plan and reality for last week:

The Plan

Sunday | Early Birthday Dinner for me @ Poppy’s
Monday | Cheesy Chicken Marsala (from this cookbook)
Tuesday | Leftovers
Wednesday | Chicken Pot Pie
Thursday | Tuna Casserole
Friday | Pea Risotto with Squashy Souffle
Saturday | Cream Cheese and Bacon Hamburgers with homemade buns

The Reality

Sunday | Early Birthday Dinner for me @ Poppy’s
Monday | Leftovers
Tuesday | Mac & Cheese… From a Box
Wednesday | Chicken Pot Pie
Thursday | d’Bronx
Friday | Cheesy Chicken Marsala (from this cookbook)
Saturday | Tuna Casserole

Sunday we had a family dinner over at my grandpa’s for my birthday (which is on the 23rd). We had pulled pork sandwiches, baked beans, broccoli slaw, potato salad, tons of fresh fruit, and brownies! And we got sent home with tons of leftovers.

Leftovers Night

Which brings us to leftovers night on Monday. We had a bit of lasagna, cauliflower quiche, and grilled asparagus from last week as well as some of the leftovers we brought home from my early birthday dinner.

Mac & Cheese... From a Box

Tuesday Jake got home from work late and the kids were being crazy, so we ended up with boxed macaroni and cheese, canned green beans, and bing cherries. All of which Eliza requseted (I planned on making this stuff for lunch one day). I feel guilty when I make dinners like this, but I don’t know why. They like it as much as when I spend two hours on something.

Chicken Pot Pie

Wednesday we made Chicken Pot Pie, a family favorite. It never ceases to amaze me that all of these picky eaters will consume something so packed with veggies. And request it over and over again. Tip: use a grocer rotisserie chicken to save time and money!


Thursday I had some really bad anxiety, so Jake and the kids played downstairs while I read in the calm and quiet in our room. By dinner time, I felt much better. Jake went out and grabbed us a pizza and a big salad at our favorite local pizza place, d’Bronx. Love that I was able to take a night off from the stressful stuff when I needed it (thanks, Jake).

Stuffed Chicken Marsala

Friday I made Stuffed Chicken Marsala, which is a delicious cheese stuffed chicken breast topped with sautéed mushrooms and a butter-wine sauce. This recipe was based on the recipe from this cookbook. I’ve been trying to copycat Olive Garden’s version for years, and I FINALLY GOT IT RIGHT!!!! Yes! I used the cookbook recipe, but pounded the chicken flat so I could fold it in two with cheese in the center. I had to finish it off in the oven to get it to cook through without burning on the outside. I also served it with mashed potatoes instead of the suggested pasta. Next time I think I’ll do cauliflower mash.

I’m glad I only gave each of us a serving size of half a chicken breast, because this is so delicious I would have stuffed myself silly had I made more.

Tuna Casserole

Saturday the kids and I had Tuna Casserole. Jake doesn’t like fish, so I made a separate version for him with chicken.

Here’s what this week will sort of look like:

The Plan

Sunday | Cream Cheese and Bacon Hamburgers with homemade buns
Monday | Evergreen Chinese + Some sort of birthday something
Tuesday | Pea Risotto with Squashy Souffle
Wednesday | Veggie Samosas
Thursday | Thai Chicken Pizza
Friday | Foil Feast
Saturday | Bootleg Spicy Chicken Fillet Sandwiches (Wendy’s Copycat, recipe to be linked)

What have you been eating lately? What do you really want to make next week?

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