Through the Lens

Loving the way that photos taken in the antique mirror on one of our doors look. Dreamy.

I need a genius. My iMac won’t turn on, so there’s nothing Jake can do (he’s usually an excellent computer doctor). We’re scheduling an appointment at the Apple Store, but we’ll have to get creative with posting this week: most of the photos for our planned posts are now inaccesible. Yikes!

Speaking of changing gears, the computer shut down just as I started to print photos for last week’s Project Life. So I’ll get behind for the first time this year. Again: Yikes! I have everything all sketched out, and I used my PL creation time to make a mini book with already printed photos instead. I’m still itching for PL, so I think I’ll start on Week 2 of my 2011 PL today. Those photos are on an external hard drive. (You can read about my 2011 Week 1 here).

Jake is obsessed with making a digital mock-up of our house. He might have been up on the roof at 3 AM the other day to measure angles so he could to the peak on the roof correctly. Now he’s making a mock-up of a shed he’s planning to build. It’s pretty cool.

Eliza is really really into the French. When we went to see Midsummer Night’s Dream at Shakespeare in the Park last week, she was running around with other kids and teaching them French words at intermission. She was also really into understanding the play. I’m glad it was a play I know really well, because she was asking for the Cliff Notes version the whole time (which was really cool). She thought Bottom was really really funny.

Speaking of Eliza, she’s facing a big conundrum. Halloween costume production needs to begin soon, and she can’t decide if we should all be Star Wars characters or Harry Potter characters. The fate of the entire family is in her hands.

Jonas is obsessed with balls. Everything is a ball. Circles are balls. Apples are red balls. He’ll only eat oranges if they’re in balls and not in segments. He’s getting really good at throwing and kicking balls far. Dude likes spheres (he didn’t get it from me.)

My birthday is next week and Jake took the day off to spend with me! What should we do, what should we do? We’ll have Jonas, but Eliza will be at summer school during the day.

Speaking of my birthday, my mom’s side of the family had a birthday dinner for me Sunday because my grandpa is going to be out of town on my actual birthday. I asked for practical gifts, and I’m so glad I got them! My grandpa bought me new plates (ours were hand-me downs, mismatched, chipped, and I’d broken half of them). I’m noticing that I’m washing dishes more now that I like the dishes. Beth and Brad got me new sheets (ours had holes in them) and I’ve been making sheet angels ever since. My mom got me tickets to see the World Fair exhibit at the Nelson. I love that my family gets that I’m pragmatic.

Also related: Jake’s charged me with finding my own birthday present, as I got a bit crazy picky about it. I want as many of the Ice and Fire series (i.e. Game of Thrones) I can get with my budget. And a yoga mat. But I’m picky. I can’t stand mass market paperbacks and would prefer to not have the show tie-in cover. None of the used book stores locally can keep them on the shelves (that’s where I buy most of my books) and I can’t get very many if I pay shipping on Amazon. I need to figure that out soon, I might just settle for one book that meets my crazy requirements for now.

I’m working on getting Jake obsessed with the Walking Dead. We watched the first episode of the first season on Netflix last night and made stuff. I had to bribe him to get him to start watching: he’s not into zombies (blasphemy!).

I also found a randomly right now post I started but forgot about from June. So this is Randomly June 9, instead of randomly right now:


Jake gave my keyboard some Star Trek love.

After laughing at myself for thinking that the record player was broken, I actually broke the stylus. Luckily we had an extra.

Jonas got his leg stuck in the bars of his crib up to his knee. We had to use dish soap to get him out (good thinking, Jake).

My sister Taylor’s not moving in now after all, but I’m still going to be tutoring her several times a week. She’s taking Psyc 101 and a Freshman Orientation class this summer.

It is Jonas’s goal in like to eat the erasers off of all Eliza’s pencils.

Jonas will actually sit in time out. It’s super cute. He cries in slow motion. We only make him stay there for a minute and a half, rest assured.

I decided that multiple rugs weren’t going to happen, so I made one and then settled for pot holders for the rest.

What’s going on in your life right now?