How We Blog

Obviously we love blogging. We post an average of twice a day, which some would rightfully call a little crazy… so it’s no surprise that we have a lot to say about blogging. In fact, we could probably have a whole blog dedicated to blogging. But that would REALLY be crazy. Instead, as part of this week’s Megan & Jake Get it Done series, we’re narrowing our blogging about blogging down to how we make time for it.

Firstly, there are two of us. It’s much easier to generate tons of blog content if you’ve got two brains working at all times. You’ll notice that it’s my name on most of the posts, but the truth is that almost all of the posts (with the exception of things having to do with Memory Keeping) are a collaboration. Both of us take and edit photos. Both of us discuss ideas for future posts. We have long conversations about posts before they’re written (especially Let’s Get Serious posts). Usually I’m the one doing the words because I’m a faster writer, but I also usually read the post aloud to Jake before I post it, or he edits it.

I’ll use this Website Wednesday post, titled “7 Free Ways to Document your Tweets”, as an example of our collaboration process. I came up with the idea for this post, because I was researching Tweet documentation for my Project Life 2011. Jake and I both researched different sites that could be used and made a list. We both wrote little descriptions about each site in a draft of the post. I worked on fleshing out the words in the post while Jake took screen shots of the websites and made the graphic for the top of the post. He uploaded the images, and I inserted them. He proofread the post, then I hit publish. Not everything we blog is quite that collaborative, but there’s a bit from both of us in each post.


The blog happens while the kids are sleeping. The above collaboration example happened at night after the kids were in bed. Jake and I completed that post in our shared office. We love that our desks face each other, we talk back and forth and play each other songs while we work. Half of the blogging happens then. The other half, as well as most of the e-mail answering and marketing, happens while Jonas is napping during the day and Jake is at his day job. That’s why there’s usually a blog post in the afternoon and one in the evening. We might work on blog posts ahead a bit, but for the most part our blog posts are made the day they are published.

*Note: our office is never that clean.

How We Blog

Our blogging calendar is essential. There’s never any time wasting trying to figure out what we’re going to blog about, because it’s all on a shared Google Calendar. How we pick what to blog about is a post all it’s own, but keeping organized is key to having time to blog. We love that we can both see that Google Calendar from everywhere we’ve got Internet, and that we can click and drag posts around easily to change the date. We like that we can have an idea of what’s coming so that we can set goals to photograph/make/do things for future posts. We also like being able to look at a month’s worth of past posts at a time, because it can help us balance out our content over time. We keep the spots for the last two days of the month full of ideas for random blog post ideas that we can drag into an open space into our blogging calendar or that can be moved into the next month.

*Click on the calendar screen shot for a larger view in Flickr.

Blogging is a lifestyle. We might only spend a couple of hours each day working on blog posts, but blogging seeps into our whole life. Being a lifestyle blogger means always having a camera (or a camera phone, at least), at the ready. It means that people will look at us funny when we take photos at weird times (especially true of photos taken for our Savory Sunday posts). For me, it means having a constant narration going on in my head (but as I’ve always wanted to be a writer, so that was going on anyway). Blogging is always at the forefront of our minds. When something cool happens or we do a project, our first impulse is to think about how we’ll blog about it. That bothers some bloggers. It causes a lot of blogger burn-out. But we love it. It doesn’t make our lives feel less genuine, because all of our blog posts either document our lives, help others, or challenge us to make our lives fuller.

It’s a labor of love, folks.

How do you make time for blogging?

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