Megan & Jake Get it Done

This week, in addition to our regularly scheduled programming, we’re bringing you a little series on getting it done. We have lives full to the brim: our days are filled with parenting, spousing, money making, blogging, cooking, reading, programming, coding, making, crafting, writing, adventuring, listening, watching, playing, laughing, living… it seems like too much to fit into 24 hours. And we’ve been asked more than a few times how we do it all.

So this week, we’re going to tell you. These aren’t tips or tricks, but just us honestly spilling how we get everything that we do done (though hopefully some of this will give you all a few ideas). Some of it’s healthy, some of it is not. Some of it we’d like to change, some of it works perfectly for us. But all of it’s real. Here are a few general “get it done” truths to kick us off:

We Don’t Sleep Much Seriously. Maybe we just haven’t yet outgrown our college years, but Jake and I get to work the second the kids go to bed at 8:00 PM (ish). After the kids are sleeping is our time: we work on side projects, blog posts, I work on my novel, Jake works on programs, I scrapbook, we dream up house projects. We also use this time to snuggle up and watch a show or movie if we’re feeling like we need a break, and to read before bed (I read actual books and Jake reads internet articles). We don’t go to bed until somewhere between midnight and 1:30 AM most nights. And then we wake up at 6:30 AM. We sleep more on weekends.

Our House is a Mess We’ve been improving the general cleanliness of our house one step at a time, but it’s usually pretty much a disaster. There are always several in-progress projects strewn about, toys to trip over, dishes in the sink, and a floor that needs to be swept/mopped. We’re working on it, we’re working on it.

We Plan There are lists everywhere in our house. We have lists with needed kitchen items and our meal plan on our DIY Kitchen Cabinet Chalkboard. We’ve got a big whiteboard right off of our kitchen with lists of things to do, supplies to buy, projects we’d like to try, future project ideas, recipes we’d like to give a go… a little bit of everything. We use the heck out of our shared Google Calendars and a special website we have to make prioritized checklists for ourselves and each other. Having these lists everywhere (and visible) helps us go get things done. There’s never a moment when we think, “hey, what should I do now?” We know that we have a list of stuff that we can do, and that helps keep us motivated.

We Work Together Moving our office to the same room has done wonders to our productivity. Even when we’re working on separate projects, having our desks face each other means that we can ask for help or input from each other at any second. Even individual projects are a team effort, because one of us works to help the other have free time. We’ll talk more about how we work together throughout the week when we get into specific “get it done” topics.

We Find the Most Efficient Route From coding shortcuts to switching over the laundry when we change Jonas’s diaper near the laundry room, we’re always looking for the most efficient route. Finding ways to shave off time, cut down steps, and speed up processes are always at the forefront of our thoughts.

We’re writing these posts as we go this week; they aren’t already written and scheduled. So if you have any questions, let us know now, and we’ll try to work answers into this week’s posts!