Today’s post features our sponsor and friend Kam from Campfire Chic. Kam blogs about camping, crafts, adventure, and more productive living. And yep, she’s a nerd too. Kam’s blog is one of our daily reads, and is one of the few blogs that both Jake and I love (it’s kind of hard to hit both of us as a target audience). We invited Kam over from the Campfire to the Nest to tell you more about her blog, share links to awesome posts we know you’ll love, and tell you a little bit about her resource 365: Ideas for Blog Posts, Scrapbook Pages, and Art Journal Entries, which, for the record, we bought and loved long before Kam became a sponsor.

M&J: What is the one sentence that best describes Campfire Chic?

Kam: “Campfire Chic is a visual and word-heavy resource for creative individuals and those seeking adventure, while also documenting the daily life of a crafty camper.”

M&J: Which blog posts do you feel best encapsulate you as a blogger?

Kam recommends reading these posts:

M&J: Can you tell us a little bit about your resource 365: Ideas for Blog Posts, Scrapbook Pages, and Art Journal Entries?

Kam: “This resource isn’t fancy or groundbreaking, but it does come jam-packed with ideas…ideas that will spark more ideas from you! The topics are rather broad at times, allowing the reader to customize the topic, as needed. The topics can be broken down even further into more and more specific posts, which will leave you with many more topics.

“One of my favorite parts of this resource is how versatile it is! I divided the resource up so that the first main section is for everybody…all memory keepers can appreciate topics about family, hometowns, and more reflective ideas. The last sections have ideas more specific to bloggers/online sellers. I did this because I’m not sure how many people would want to make an art journal layout about tax season or a scrapbook page highlighting a reader poll…but maybe you do!”

M&J: How did you get the idea to make the resource?

Kam: “I created the resource after seeing some of my efriends tweeting and posting about being in a blogging rut or not having a string of ideas to put into action. Because I schedule my posts ahead of time, there are times my blogging calendar is filled for a few months at a time! I’m lucky to have the ideas flowing, and I wanted to pass that along to others. This resource is designed to get your creative juices flowing and has plenty of room for brainstorming on your own.”

M&J: I know that we love 365, but we’re not the only ones. There are loads of other people in blogland raving about 365. Could you share a few links to some of your rave blog post reviews so that people don’t have to just take our word for it?

Some 365 reviews from awesome bloggers:

M&J: Do you have an example of something you’ve written or made with the resource?

Kam: “I have to admit that some posts from my past inspired ideas in this resource. The ones that come to mind are:”

Isn’t Kam awesome? We know you’ll want to read a bit more, so we’ve got some CC recommendations for you! Here are some of our favorite recent Campfire Chic posts:

What’s your favorite Campfire Chic post?