Prospero's Books in Kansas City

The weather has been ridiculous here in Kansas City. We’re consistently hitting over 100℉ and this week we’re supposed to get up to 110℉. So Jonas and I have been hermits, mostly. Eliza goes off to summer school and Jake goes off to his day job, then Jonas and I have the whole day ahead of us. During the day, we often go on many daring adventures (or, more accurately, walks). And we’ve been getting a little stir crazy without them. Earlier this week I decided we’d better go try to have an adventure before the heat really reached unbearable levels.


I grabbed a big stack of books donated to the “Megan likes to trade in” cause. I’m lucky that my family and friends often give me books when they’re done. I read some of them and trade in others at my favorite local bookstore, Prospero’s. I also trade in books I read, but wasn’t impressed with. I don’t like walking aimlessly usually unless I have someone to talk to, so I was glad to have a purpose.

39th Street West

I’m so thankful that our mile walk to 39th Street West through our neighborhood is lined with tall, shady trees. We live in a very urban area, but our neighborhood is so old that it doesn’t always feel that way when you look at the trees.

Jonas and I sang on the way there. He really loves singing the “Bah dah dah”s from Ben Fold’s song Army.

d'Bronx on Bell in Kansas City

Nothing much opens before 11:00, which makes sense. We usually do stuff in the afternoon, so I didn’t know that. We parked the stroller and Jonas and I explored the sidewalk holding hands. He thinks everything is interesting: I love seeing his curiosity at work (even if it is pretty exhausting).

At d'Bronx

We had lunch at d’Bronx. I was happy to have a slice of pizza with veggies on it (Jake is anti veggie when it comes to pizza). The lunch slices are huge: Jonas and I split one (and that baby can EAT) and took the second we ordered home with us.

He also had a dried fruit bar. So that was kind of balanced.

Jonas is a charmer and made lots of friends at the pizza place. Several people sat down with us and talked for awhile. I love living in the Midwest.

Prospero's Books in Kansas City

Prospero's Books in Kansas City

Then we headed across the street to Prospero’s. Prospero’s is absolutely one of my favorite places in Kansas City. This is what bookstores should look, smell, and feel like.

Prospero's Books in Kansas City

Someday a room in our house will look like this, at the rate I’m going.

Prospero's Books in Kansas City

I love that there are typewriters everywhere. And weird art and community fliers. And books of poetry from local artists. And CDs from local artists. And a stuffed jackalope. I didn’t even get down to the bottom floor, which houses tons of records (too much of a pain with the stroller). All awesome.

Prospero's Books in Kansas City

Jonas just mostly wanted the billiard balls.


I traded in my books and walked off with a much higher quality stack (plus a little store credit left over).

The walk back was kind of miserable (again: so thankful for the shade) and when we got home, Jonas actually asked to take a nap. He immediately grabbed his blankie and said “Nigh nigh?”. I wore that kid OUT. The crazy things I’ll do for new reading material, I tell you.