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I’m taking (and loving) Ali Edwards‘s 31 Things course at Big Picture Classes. The class is closed now, but look for Ali’s class 31 More Things in September.

The class is focused on writing stories based on 31 prompts. Above are prompts nine through twelve. If you want to read them, click on them to see a larger view in Flickr.

I made a simple digital template (using Ali’s handwriting for the prompt name) for each page so that I can focus on the writing and not the design. When I’m done with all 31, I’ll print out these digital photos at home and put them in a custom wood journal.

See my take on prompts 1-4 here (Jewelry, Morning, Read, Spirit).
See my take on prompts 5-8 here (Conversation, Me, Work, and Transportation).

125x125 31 Things, taught by Ali Edwards, is now available as a downloadable PDF! I paid for and took this class when it first ran and, even though I’m taking my sweet time with it, I LOVE it. I needed the push to really start focusing on writing in memory keeping, and the prompts in this class coupled with Ali’s unique perspective pushed me to capture important parts of my life that would have otherwise gone unrecorded. This is also a class very much based around the self, so if you have trouble documenting yourself as opposed to your kids, then you will REALLY appreciate this. As Ali says, “Your Story Matters.” I also loved reading Ali’s writing. I would have bought it just for that, honestly. This isn’t a sponsored post, but we are Big Picture Classes affiliates. If you purchase BPC classes or workshops through these links, you’re supporting the Nerd Nest. Thanks!