Hello, Summer

It’s summer! Eliza’s last day of school was last Thursday. It’s going to be a short span of lazy days, however, because her summer school starts next week. Summer school for E is through her regular school. Its purpose is to keep the kids from loosing all of their French over the summer (she goes to a full immersion French school). Summer school will be super fun, with several field trips each week, a focus on a different Francophone culture each week (they even get to eat foods from around the world!), and tons of time to play with her friends.

I’m happy summer school will be so awesome, but only having 5 real weeks of summer for her (one before summer school and four after) makes me really want to step up my game when it comes to summer fun. Here’s some of the ideas I have so far on making this summer awesome.

  • We’re alternating during the day between “have to do things” and “want to do things”. So if she wants to watch a movie, she has to earn it by cleaning her room. Yesterday, one of her “have to do” things maaaay have been to play with Jonas in his room while I took a mid day shower. That was nice.
  • There’s going to be more baking than normal around here. I’ve scheduled dinners she can help cook, and we’re making pumpkin bread together today. We plan on busting out that Easy Bake oven, too.
  • We’re cracking open The Usborne Big Book of Vacation Things to Make and Do . Today we’re making a paper glittery clam shell.
  • We’re going to use those activity kits from Christmas we haven’t gotten too yet.
  • There will be Legos.
  • There will be lots and lots of walks.
  • So I can keep my sanity (and work), Jonas’s nap time is quiet time.
  • I’ll be thumbing through Family Fun magazine for awesome ideas.
  • I’ve started a Summer Activities Pinboard. I’m only adding stuff to it that we actually intend to do. If you have any suggestions to add, share ideas and links in the comments!
  • We’re making sure Summer is filled with “field trips” of sorts. We’re looking forward to going to the park, going to Science City, exploring the Zoo, watching Shakespeare in the Park, going to a few matinees (The Hobbit!!!), wandering through art museums, going to First Fridays, trips to the pool, and a time out on grandpa’s boat or two.

P.S. Jake, Eliza, and I are working on a post for next week about her/our experience with her first year going to a full immersion French charter school. If you have any questions about that, ask in the comments here so we can make sure to answer in the upcoming post!

Want to know what a charter school is? Read this post.