One Step at a Time

This year we’re running with the mantra One Step at a Time. We’re tackling tons of little tasks and making small changes that will hopefully add up to help us reach our big goals for the year. Taking it one step at a time keeps us from getting overwhelmed, and we’ve been getting a ton done as a result. We’re working on a bunch of steps simultaneously all the time, but we wait until we’re done until we share it with you.

Step 9 | Goodbye, Soda Pop

One of the things that I had in mind to accomplish with this One Step mantra was a move toward better health. I haven’t felt like we’ve really achieved anything in that area yet this year, but this is One Step, after all. It’s about progress and moving slowly towards goals. So here’s the biggest move toward better health that’s been made around the Nest as of late: cutting out the pop.

My greatest lifelong addiction is caffeine. I started drinking coffee at the age of seven (though not daily) and was likely to spend my lunch money on a morning cola while I was in high school. I didn’t sleep well before I had kids, took all college classes my last two years of high school, and was a mom and worked throughout five years of college. There’s not a lot of room for sleep in that life story. So caffeine has been my major vice. It was to the point that, when we lived in the loft, I was having a daily latte, coffee brewed at home, and soda EVERYDAY.

I went cold turkey with caffeine while pregnant with Jonas (as I did for Eliza). It’s nice to know that love of babies can stop me, even if a kidney stone didn’t. (You would think I’d be good after that, but no.) When I was done nursing at the beginning of 2012, I sort of went on a “Wahoo! I can have caffeine!!!” binge and settled back into my bad habits. And promptly pissed off my kidneys (I don’t know if the pun is intended or not) and gained 15 pounds.

So I’m cutting out the pop. I’ve been doing well so far, averaging about 12 ounces a week since I decided to quit(ish) a few months ago. That’s down from a liter a day. So that’s good. Not perfect, but good. And, bonus, I lost about 10 pounds. I’m not a weigh-in kind of a person, but I figure that’s a good sign.

I’m still a zombie without my morning coffee and I’m still drinking a bit of iced tea or iced coffee throughout the day, but the caffeine intake is down to a healthier level. Another bonus: my anxiety problems have almost disappeared. Not sure if that’s because of the caffeine or not, but they were occurring around the same time every day and might have had something to do with coming off of the caffeine high. Just a theory.

Have you struggled with pop or caffeine? What would your one step be right now?