Project Life 2012 | Week 23

Week 23 and I decided to switch things up this time around.

Project Life 2012 | Week 23

I was looking through back-issues of Creating Keepsakes and was totally inspired by an Ali Edwards layout from the February 2009 issue. I decided to skip the pocketed page protectors this week and instead used the basic layout from Ali’s page and turn it into a Project Life page. I had fun making the insert “fit” into the two page spread, so everything goes together seamlessly and the insert works into the design of both pages. There are twelve 5×5 spots in all, and it’s kind of like a triple page spread. I’m in love with it.

Project Life 2012 | Week 23

The left page is all about E graduating from Kindergarten. All the photos on this side are from my phone.

Project Life 2012 | Week 23

Here’s the journaling I wrote after interviewing her:

Eliza loves school. She loves her teachers & playing with her friends and doing projects. She’s sad that she has to say goodbye to some of the people she loves. Also, she thinks her grad hat is rad.

Project Life 2012 | Week 23

The first side of the insert has more stuff about the last day of school and the beginning of summer.

Journaling on the top:

We only have a few days before E goes back to school. J is soaking it up! Eliza got to stay up late the last day of school to watch Sherlock Holmes. She fell asleep.

Journaling on the bottom:

Eliza’s last day of school was Thursday. Soon she’ll be a frist grader! Eliza got her final Book in the Bag tally for the year from her English teacher, Madame Spencer (some of them were chapters we read for at least 20 mins). The final count was 368. Go E! It was sad to say good-bye to Mmes Mazari and Marie-Noelle, and I know E will be sad that not all of her friends will be in her summer class.

Project Life 2012 | Week 23

Turn the page, and bam! It still looks like one seamless layout. Did I mention I love it? Because I love it.

*Some people were asking about the font of the words “school” and “grade” on Instagram. They’re old Little Yellow Bicycle stickers.

Project Life 2012 | Week 23

The second insert is about my sister Taylor starting college.


Taylor started her first week of college this week. She came over to get help navigating her online classes. She let Jonas try on her aviators & worked while I blogged.

Project Life 2012 | Week 23

The right page is a lot of random funny Jonas things from right now. The picture on the bottom right is of him playing with toy dinosaurs and having them “woof” at each other.

Project Life 2012 | Week 23

The journaling in the upper right corner reads:

Jonas is actually sitting in time out. He cries in slow motion. It’s cute. Jonas got his leg stuck in the bars of his crib up to his knee. Ouch! It is Jonas’s goal to eat the erasers off of all the pencils.

This week ended up not being very much about me and Jake, but I’ll have to make up for it with us stuff next week.

Have you ever tried to do a Project Life Week without pocketed page protectors?

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