Project Life | Week 21

Week 21, and I went a little crazy. Tons of stuff went on in this week, so did a separate spread (with an insert) for Memorial Day weekend and included three inserts in the regular spread. Yikes! I really loved the photos and stories this week, and I didn’t want to try to squash them down or cut a bunch of them out.

Consider this a reminder that there are no Project Life “rules”. If you want to make two spreads in a week, do it. If you don’t have a lot and want to do a single page instead of a double page, do it. If you don’t want to do it weekly and just want to treat each page pocket as a tiny scrapbook page to fill whenever you have something to say, do it. Don’t feel boxed in!

Project Life | Week 21

Another week that focused on photos and words. Super simple, and there’s a lot in there! There are 50 photos total for these two spreads, and I love that not all of them are teeny tiny.

Project Life | Week 21

The first page is all from our Tumbler Tour adventure. I pulled the journaling directly from the post (love doing that, I know the words are from a time when the memory was more fresh).

I didn’t embellish much here; I put the title for the week on a tiny scrap of paper on a photo and punched out a circle from a Tumbler Tour flier. The only fancy spot is a little digital page I made to include the journaling. For the background, I used this graphic of the evolution of the bat symbol and used this version of the symbol to add some color and fill the gaps. For the tiny title, I used this Batman font.

Project Life | Week 21

The first insert uses a 5.5 x 8.5 Avery page protector from Office Max. Eliza had a concert at school, so I added in the program.

Project Life | Week 21

On the back of the first insert, I put another program, opened, so you can see the name of the song Eliza’s class sang (“Y’en a assez!”). I slipped a photo of Eliza and her classmates in with a bit of journaling attached, and left it loose.

Journaling | E was so excited about her Spring Concert! She’s been singing for weeks. I was during the day, so Poppy picked Jonas & I up to go.

Project Life 2012 | Week 21

For the second insert, I cut down a 12×12 page protector and sealed it with washi tape, a technique I learned from Ali Edward’s blog here. I printed the page digitally, took the journaling from this post, and attached it to coordinating paper. (Note: there’s nothin’ wrong with using slightly girly paper on a “boy” page.)


The back of the insert is just adorable everyday photos of Jonas and Eliza from this post. I’ll be saving the words from that post for a different project.

Journaling | I love to watch you two play. There’s a bit of yelling, crying, adn hair pulling, but it’s mostly laughter and hallway forts and joy. E & J 2012

Project Life | Week 21

Insert three is all graduation announcements. We’ve had so many graduations and grad parties lately!

Project Life | Week 21

The second 12×12 page in the first spread is photos from the two grad parties we went to on May 20th. I only used tiny scraps on this page! I’ve been saving them to use as journaling spots.

Journaling | Makenzie’s Grad party was a blast. Jonas & Nathan had fun chasing each other. Right after M’s party, we went to Bernie’s at WyCo lake. We met E & Rita there and chased geese. The kids were all about the balloons.

Project Life | Week 21

I did a whole spread for Memorial Day weekend. It’s kind of floating in between Week 21 and Week 22, because my weeks usually run Sunday to Saturday. I only put photos and words into this spread. The left side is photos from Saturday with our Denver friends.

Project Life | Week 21

The right side is photos from Sunday with our Denver friends. The insert is just words on cardstock, in another Avery protector, pulled right from the blog posts.

It took me way longer than usual to complete this spread; it’s already time to start on Week 22! I’m proud that it’s done though, Week 21 was a little overwhelming, and this is easily a spot I could have gotten “behind”.

Are you doing Project Life? Do you ever feel like you have too much to fit in?

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Project Life is a memory keeping concept created by Becky Higgins.