Kansas City Maker's Fair 2011

We’re getting pumped about this year’s Maker Faire, which is June 23-24 in Kansas City this year. One of Jake’s favorite parts of the fair last year was the Tesla Coil music. We thought we’d share a little coil music love with you, as we’ve been watching tons of these videos lately.

Hear a little Dr. Who love:

Sweet Home Alabama:

Super Mario, among other nerdy tunes:

Thank you, Nikola Tesla!

Jake’s been watching tons and tons of videos on how to make little versions of these. I’m just hoping he’ll abandon the idea. The Maker Fair last year had him wanting to use hydroponic growing to grow saffron in our basement. Because that would work. (I’ll remind you that we’re the people who killed a succulent last year.) I’m hoping the Telsa Coil obsession goes down the same road as that idea.

You can find a Maker Fair near you here; hopefully you can hear Tesla Coil music live! There’s also a pretty cool Tesla Coil music scene in the movie The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, if you’re nerding out about this as much as we are.