Little Fish & Mom

(Inter)National Scrapbooking Day was during the beginning of May, and I participated by taking part in the Creative Crop over at Big Picture Classes, which included 12 challenges. That means I’ve got 12 layouts to share! I’m spreading them out, however, so that I have time to write a bit about each of them.

Little Fish & Mom

This page was inspired by Tami Morrison‘s challenge to document a childhood memory. I’ve had a photo of my Mom and baby me on my fridge for a few months (I dug it out to prove to Jake that Jonas looks like ME!) and I have had the photo on my memory keeping brain.

Little Fish & Mom

So I went straight to the photo after getting this challenge. I scanned the photo and printed it a bit larger, without worrying about the quality too much. I always make copies of film photos, after learning the hard way that it’s not a good idea to crop and glue them.

Little Fish & Mom

My mom and my grandparents always used to call me a “little fish” when I was young because I loved swimming so much. I was so proud of being able to stay under the water for (what felt like) long periods of time. I also thought it was cool that I could open my eyes under the water, which bugged other people, but not me. This was useful for Marco Polo playing.

I wanted a page that documented that feeling of being at home in the water, to give a “where” and “when” to my love of swimming, which grew to a competitive level when I was older (I was captain of the girl’s swim team in high school. I managed the boys one year too.). Without all of this water love I wouldn’t have met Jake. We were lifeguards when we met, and I’m sure I would have chosen a different first job if I hadn’t had the comfort of swimming in my grandparent’s pool as a kid.

[I just realized I wrote more about the page than on it, so there may have to be a little companion journaling page for this one.]

Little Fish & MomLittle Fish & Mom

The journaling reads:

When I was little, Mom & I lived with Grammy & Poppy. They had an above ground pool, so from an early age, I was swimming all of the time. When I was older, I used one of those yellow belt life savers that go around your waist.

-I could swim from an early age.

-I remember the double level deck Poppy built and the smell of the black walnuts from the tree in the front yard.

-I remember being super upset that I was bitten by a dragonfly on the head when I was 4 or so.

-This set up my love of swimming, which I did in high school.

Little Fish & Mom

A few tips you can get from this layout:

  • I ran out of letter stickers, so I sliced and diced. The second “t” in “little” is really pieces of an “l” and an “f”. The “h” in “fish” is an upside-down “y” with the tail cut off.
  • I didn’t get out my new supplies for this one so I’d be forced to actually use my stash. The paper is all scraps: I cut a large square out of the “frame” for a project over a year ago and just now found a way to use that paper.
  • The graph paper is from a notebook that I used to write down random lists. I found two pages that didn’t have anything on the backs and glued them together.
  • I used a motif of circles to simulate bubbles and swimming.
  • I used a list format to write my journaling, so I could include random memories that didn’t all correspond with the time frame of the photo.

What childhood memories would you love to document?

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