Tweet Deck

We do a lot of social networking around here, and our favorite site to help us keep track of things is TweetDeck. TweetDeck helps Jake and I to keep track multiple feeds at once.

Tweet Deck

Here’s what mine looks like. I have a column for my Twitter Feed, Twitter Interactions, my “Tweeps” list of people I chat with most on Twitter, my Facebook Notifications, and my Facebook Newsfeed. I also have my Twitter Direct Messages on there, but I didn’t include that in the picture. You can include lots of other columns, such as Twitter searches, trends, favorites, interactions, and info for multiple accounts.

We wish that we could each also add a column for our Nerd Nest Facebook Page: that would make this perfect. Also missing is G+ (which, for the record, we really like but never use because we don’t have many connections that use it).

Tweet Deck

My favorite part, however, is that you can compose a Tweet and choose which social media site to post it to. So I can choose to post a Tweet to Twitter, my regular Facebook Feed, and the Nerd Nest Facebook page (or any combination of those) all at once. You can also schedule tweets to post at a certain time. In the event that we ever get in gear and actually schedule blog posts instead of writing them in real time, we’ll be all over that feature.

Note: we use the web version, but there’s a mobile device version and a desktop version. We’ve heard feedback of people not loving those versions, but see what works best for you!

If you’d like to follow us on Twitter, you can find Jake here and Megan here.

How do you keep track of multiple social networking sites?