Harry Potter fans, rejoice: Pottermore is open to the general public! Pottermore is a companion site to the Harry Potter series. It takes you through each chapter in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (the sections of the site for the other books haven’t been released yet) with detailed illustrations, extra writing (and a few video messages) from J. K. Rowling, and plenty of fun and games along the way.

Oh, and you can buy the e-books on there too.


The site takes you through each chapter step by step. Each chapter is broken into multiple parts with beautiful layered images, with objects to find and collect and info to unlock. You can rush through these parts if you’re not into them: Eliza and I really liked searching for all of the objects in each section, but Jake wanted to get to the parts that were more active. And, if you want to hurry to get to the wand and sorting parts, you can always rush through and then go back to the details later.


We had the most fun answering quizzes. There are many questions to match you up with a wand (the above one is Jonas’s: we made him an account for fun). You can also learn about the meaning behind each kind of wood and wand core: the wands that chose us are surprisingly accurate to our personalities.


But, of course, the most fun part is getting sorted into houses. None of us ended up where we thought we should (except for Jonas: no one had any question about him being a Gryffindor: that kid has no fear). Jake and I ended up in Hufflepuff (Jake thought he’d end up in Gryffindor and I thought I’d end up in Ravenclaw: but it turns out we both value kindness over bravery and smarts). Eliza ended up in Slytherin.

I’m pretty sure E ended up on the green team because of this question: “You’re walking with three friends and come across a troll guarding the bridge. He won’t let you pass unless one of you fights him.” There were several options on how to handle this, but Eliza chose, “All three of you fight together without telling the troll first.” She focused on the teamwork aspect: she didn’t really get the unfair advantage part. I was really proud of her answers, though. She couldn’t decide if her proudest trait was imagination or kindness, but she chose kindness because she “does it more throughout the day.” Awwww.

Anyway, Eliza was really upset about the whole Slytherin thing. Until I told her that Draco Malfoy has definitely graduated. And I read her the welcoming letter from her house’s prefect. Then she went around quoting, “I was chosen by Slytherin because I’m destined for greatness.” LOL.


There are a lot of fun mini games on the site: mastering potions and dueling with spells earns you house points (as does finding books and Chocolate Frog cards). We haven’t really gotten into that part yet (just a little). Those games are definitely too difficult for Eliza. They’ll be fun to do while we wait for the next book to come out on there, though. (The whole site is too difficult for Eliza, really. We did it all together.)


There are also games as you’re going through the chapters. I was really proud that I solved the potion riddle at the end of the Philosopher’s Stone without resolving to looking up the answer in the book. Hooray for logic!

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