There’s been a lot of real life happening around her lately. And by real life, I mean stuff that sucks. But has a bright side. So.

Week in the Life 2012 | Monday

Mostly we’ve been thrown off by our washer/dryer situation. We bought our washer and dryer used and refurbished on Craigslist in November 2010 when we first moved into our house. They were cheap, they were temporary, and we knew it. Better than going to the laundromat every week. So when our drier stopped working a few weeks ago, it wasn’t a huge surprise. It sort of worked for a while there… it just wouldn’t start all of the time and needed a few cycles to actually dry things. Jake, wonder fix-it person that he is, took it apart and determined that the issue was the motor. We found a new one on eBay for $30ish and he fixed it (though we had to buy a new fan locally as well in the process–the old fan had married to the machine).

Cloth Diaper Washing Machine Settings

And then, literally as soon as the dryer was fixed, the washer broke. It wouldn’t spin or drain.

This is a very big deal for people who do a few loads of laundry a day. Especially since Jonas is in cloth diapers.

I had to air dry a few loads (which leaves clothes crunchy) and hand wash a few loads in the bathtub (ringing stuff out with your hands is a HUGE WORKOUT!). Boo. I’m glad to be living in the 21st century, this I know.


I finally had to break down and do six big loads of laundry at our local laundry mat (which came out to be almost $30–so glad we don’t have to do that weekly). The laundry mat was an experience that could have a post all its own. I went pretty often before we bought this house, but Jake and I always went together or I went with a friend. I’d never been alone at one (something that I never even considered). Man, are people weird at a city laundromat at night. And talkative. I felt like I was on Sesame Street.

Everyone was nice, but strange. I helped a lady figure out the driers about seven times, and she, in turn told me her life story (and told me I have a good spirit, which is nice). I talked to some interesting ladies from Colombia, and a guy with downs told me I was an angel and insisted on helping me to my car because “Good guys wear white”. I gave a guy bus fair to get to his AA meeting a lady gave me a pamphlet describing how Sponge Bob and other children’s television characters are being used to “push the homosexual agenda”. I felt guilty afterwards for hightailing out of there instead of speaking up as a Straight Ally. But sometimes it’s 11:00 at night and you aren’t going to change the crazy person’s mind, so activism has to be saved for another day. Though those just sound like excuses to me. I overanalyze my actions way too much.

Super interesting experience. And I got a lot of work done. But I’m glad I don’t have to do it again any time soon.

New Washer and Dryer

Jake researched fixing the washer, and the parts would be more expensive than just buying a new washer off of Craigslist. We talked about it, and we don’t want to be in the same boat next year, so we decided to buy new fancy ones. We went big, because in two weeks there will be five people living here (my sister Taylor is moving in) and we’ll eventually (hopefully) have five kids running around. I was excited that the ones that were on sale (25% off!!!) were gray instead of white. We’re lucky that there was 0% financing, but we’re not going to be fixing this any time soon.

New Washer and Dryer

They were delivered yesterday and Jake and I watched the first load like it was a super interesting TV show.

All of the fixing, buying, and washing left us no time to go grocery shopping, so our meal plan went out of the window. We’ve been going out to eat a lot this week. And one night we seriously ate Lunchables for dinner. That happened.


We’re also dealing with Jonas’s crazy diaper-taking-off phase, which keeps resulting in poop everywhere. If he can’t get his pants off, he pulls the diaper through his leg. We’re going to be breaking out the duct tape sometime soon if he keeps Houdini-ing out of the layers of complicated clothes we’ve been putting him in.


People in our lives have also been awfully dramatic lately, with the normal teenager drama that’s coming with Taylor moving in, friends’ exes popping up, and my avoiding confrontation with someone related to a venture that didn’t work out.

And that is real life around here right now, in addition to all the sunny things we usually post about. What’s been going on in your life?