Faux Slumber Party

Faux Slumber Party

Faux Slumber Party

-The kids spend the few hours between Eliza getting home from school and dinner playing together. Often we play in the backyard or go on walks, today they had a faux slumber party in the hallway.

-There hasn’t been a full load of dirty laundry in our house since the arrival of the new washer and dryer.

-Eliza is constantly singing, “y’en a assez pour tout le monde” at the top of her lungs.

-My anxiety is getting worse lately.

-When we go in to get Jonas after he wakes up, he’s standing. He quickly gathers as many blankies and stuffed animals in his arms as possible before we pick him up.

-I’m stretching my personal writing in Ali Edward’s 31 Things workshop. I used to write reflectively about personal stuff every night, but I’ve gotten away from the habit as I’ve blogged more and more. I didn’t realize how much I’ve missed it. I’m looking forward to stretching and growing as I write more and more in this workshop. (You can read my writing for the first four prompts here.

-Jonas is close to climbing out of his crib. He’s figured out how to unlock the back door, and he’s close to figuring out doorknobs. We’re going to be installing a trip wire alarm for his door so we can catch him if he tries to Houdini out and get himself run over in the middle of the night. Is this normal for a kid that’s not even a year and a half old yet?

-Jake and I are both obsessed with Big Bang Theory. We’ve been watching an episode or two before bed each night.

-Eliza is really good at sharing her toys with Jonas. She lets him have anything he’s not likely to break.

-I’m going through all of our Friends DVDs in a marathon during the day while I’m working (and Jonas is napping). I like the familiar noise. I can quote pretty much the whole series.

-Both kids are coming off of growth spurts and are now living in picky-eater-ville.

-I’m snacking on pistachios and black mango iced tea like crazy. Doing good with the cutting out pop thing: I’ve been having about one a week.

-I’m reading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire to Eliza (we’re on the Third Task now), and I had trouble explaining the whole Rita Skeeter made up the Harry Potter-Victor Krum-Hermione Granger love triangle thing to her. When Jake asked her, “What is cheating?” She answered, “It’s when you have more than one boyfriend/girlfriend, and you sleep with other people. Like sleepovers and stuff.” LOLz

-My best friend Jessica and her posse are coming to stay with us this weekend! (They live in Denver.)

-I helped my sister Taylor enroll for summer classes this week. I can’t believe she’s a college girl now!

-Eliza spent a super long time explaining “how to properly eat a frech fry” to Jake last week. It went something like this: in order to properly eat a frech fry you must first break it in half to allow the heat of the fry to escape. This causes rapid cooling of the inner fry. Once said fry is cool to the touch, you may then place 1 half at a time in your mouth, but do not forget to extend your pinky upward as you bring the fry to your mouth…. or something like that.

-Jake is all about codeigniter right now (it’s the PHP framework he’s using right now).

-Loving my weekly(ish) video chats with Allie.

-Eliza is obsessed with making paper fans. And drawing scenes from Harry Potter.

-Jonas gets excited every time he gives kisses now: he squeals and shakes his fists in relish. I love how affectionate he is. He’s always go go go, but he’ll slow down to give his family some lovin’.

What’s going on with you right now?