Stereo SpectacularStereo Spectacular

Because Jake and I work together AND are married, we have a system to keep me from nagging him us from asking each other to do stuff all the time. We’ve got a website with several lists and tasks that can be added or checked off on each list. “Fix the Record Player” has been on Jake’s digital “Honey Do” list for at least a month. Today he decided to tackle the task.

I thought something was maybe wrong with the wiring or maybe that the stylus had been damaged, knowing nothing about these things, because the record I put on was producing a really weird clicking noise and no music was coming out. Jake turned it on, and the weird clicking noise came back. He waited it out, and then suddenly there was an old-timey radio voice guy talking about the wonders of Stereophonic and the correct way to set up your speakers.


I guess I should have read this:

Stereo Spectacular

So I’ve been without records for over a month because I couldn’t be bothered to test another record. Or listen to the weird sound for more than 30 seconds. What a doofus am I.

Stereo Spectacular

I usually only buy records that have a lot of meaning to me (otherwise our house would be overrun with them), but this one I was just curious about. We use it for the background when we do product shots for record notebooks because the orange is cool and we don’t have to worry about the notebook wire scratching one of our good records. I’m happy to know what’s on it now, but I’m ready to get back to listening to our real collection.

Jack Johnson

We listened to Brushfire Fairytales by Jack Johnson during dinner in celebration of having our player back. We were proud that Eliza said, “Hey, is this the same guy that did the Curious George soundtrack?” This little one is getting an ear! We had fun telling her stories from when Jake and I were dating–Jack Johnson also happened to sing the soundtrack to our courtship. Our song is “Bubbletoes”.

Eliza thought it was cool that she went to a Jack Johnson concert in utero (two, actually, because we also went to Bonnaroo that summer). We played Jack to her while I was pregnant any time someone wanted to feel her kick, because the bass made her “dance”. She loves stories like that.

This is why I love records. Listening is so much more deliberate because of the physical activity envolved. You have to be actually present to flip the record. You can’t just leave it on in the background and forget it’s there. I love listening to playlists on the computer, but I’m happy to have my favorite way of listening to albums in their entirety. I’m looking forward to more stories told and memories evoked from a deeper connection with music.

Hello, record player. I missed you. Sorry for ditzing out on this one.