{E&J} | Using an old and new photo

Last Saturday was (Inter)National Scrapbooking Day, and I participated by taking part in the Creative Crop over at Big Picture Classes, which included 12 challenges. That means I’ve got 12 layouts to share! I’m going to only post one a day, however, so that I have time to write a bit about each of them.

This page was inspired by Ali Edwards‘s challenge to use a photo from today and a photo from a few years ago together on a layout (see Ali’s take here).

{E&J} | Using an old and new photo

I find myself talking about the differences between Eliza at age 1 and Jonas now quite often. They are not the same baby, that’s for sure.

To illustrate their differences and similarities, I found a photo of Eliza at about one and then selected a photo of Jonas from a few months ago. I made sure to get two that have their faces at similar angles so you can see how much they look alike! The backgrounds speak volumes– Jonas is climbing on something, Eliza is being supported by grown-up hands (Eliza could walk by one, but not very steadily).

I chose a very neutral color scheme, as the colors in the photos clashed. Going mostly neutral is a great way to compliment several photos from different events. My only two pops of color were a tiny tiny bit of pink and blue. Because, you know, there’s a boy and a girl.

{E&J} | Using an old and new photo

That love sticker? It’s covering up a mistake. Word stickers, label stickers, or tiny letter stickers are a go-to for me when I mess up on handwritten journaling. It looks like I was just trying to highlight the word! Lucky the word love made sense there.

{E&J} | Using an old and new photo

I can’t even look at that baby photo and see Eliza! My brain just goes, “Why is Jonas in a sun hat? And where are all of his teeth?”

{E&J} | Using an old and new photo

Jonas is so different than Eliza was at this age. The photo of J is from Feb 2012 and the photo of E is from Jan 2007. At the same age, J is climbing everything in the house as W was just starting to walk more than a few steps. E snuggled, J doesn’t (not really). E would sleep with us sometimes or be rocked to sleep, J will run and squirm and play until you put him in his crib and turn out the light. They were/are very different at this age, but one thing’s the same: we love them tons!

I decided I wasn’t done with the words, so I added a journaling border too:

*Eliza talked more and knew more words. They both love/loved playing outside. They both love animals. Eliza had seperation anxiety (Jonas doens’t). Eliza loved fruit. J likes veggies (and bananas).

Just in case you’re wondering, this is going into my 2012 album, because the journaling is written from now. If it were just the photo of E, even though the journaling is written from now, it would to into the ’07 album.

How are your kids alike/different? Were you very different from your siblings?