At the beginning of April, we posted a challenge. We challenged you, and ourselves, to take on some Spring Cleaning!

April's Challenge

We chose to tackle our mess of a refinished attic. There are two 10×10 rooms up there, plus a little dormer, and it’s been a disaster in the midst of all of our house re-arrainging lately.

April Project Challenge: Spring Cleaning

Above is just a sample of the crazy crazy mess we were working with. (See more before pictures here.)

We needed this challenge to get that room cleared, because my little sister Taylor is moving in with us in a few weeks. We’re going to be helping her through college.

April Challenge Results

While the picture above might not seem super exciting to you, it’s a big deal that there’s even some floor visible!

April Challenge Results

We cleared everything out of Taylor’s future room except for a desk and a clothes rack (the 3rd floor rooms don’t have closets).

April Challenge Results

Jonas thinks it’s funny that it’s all echoey in there now. We still need to mop the floors and wipe the windows up there, but one room is pretty much done! It’s all ready to get destroyed again (it is going to be housing a teenager, after all).

A lot of the stuff from the third floor is bagged up and ready to be thrifted (think clothes too small for Eliza and McDonald’s-type toys), but there’s still a lot to go through. We’ve got all of our lesser used craft/Etsy supplies in the other third floor room now (yay!) but we’re going to have to do some creative building and organizing to get it looking nice in there. It’s hard to furnish the third floor because the walls are sloped (so no tall furniture) and the stairway to get up there is really narrow (it used to be the linen closet).

April Challenge Results

One little area does look nice though: the curio cabinet that houses all of the products currently in the shop. The “cabinet” is really a hutch for a dresser that is currently being used as an entertainment center of sorts on our first floor. It keeps things easily visible and dust free.

I moved the cabinet myself by sliding it on a blanket. This keeps the bottom and floor from getting damaged. I tipped the cabinet up and slid the blanket under it with my foot. Be super careful if you try this: the furniture can easily tip over. (Other tips for moving furniture by yourself: remove all drawers, flip tables upside down before sliding on a blanket, and “walk” a larger item by tipping it back and forth).

Whew! It feels good to have made so much progress. I feel like these monthly challenges are helping us to get more done than ever!

Just now hearing about the challenge? It’s not too late! There’s nothing that says you have to do the monthly challenges as they’re posted. We’ll leave the link-up here all year, just make sure to post a link when your project’s complete!

Make sure to stop back in tomorrow for the May Challenge reveal!