I’ve got the blackest of black thumbs (I even killed a succulent last year, ant that’s practically a cactus).

I decided to give herbs a go this year anyway. I bought a pot including rosemary, basil, and thyme from Trader Joe’s in January. I buy fresh herbs from the grocery store so often that I figure it will be cheaper to have them potted, even if I’m not successful. The thyme’s been killed off, but the rosemary and basil are making a comeback.

I found more herbs at the City Market farmer’s market for $1 (score!), so I added another type of basil, another type of rosemary, and some sage to the mix.


Jonas helped re-pot everything. I’m glad the kids are interested in gardening, maybe they can be in charge of keeping things alive as they get older. Jake and I certainly aren’t going to be producing any veggies any time soon.


Of course, Jonas was more interested in playing in the water than the herbs, which he just wanted to pull out of the pots.


He also tried to eat some dirt.


Eliza is the one that is really interested in gardening (because of Coraline, I suspect), but she wasn’t here for the planting. She and Jonas have been diligently helping me water the herbs daily, and they’re doing much better now that we have them out in the sun instead of inside, near a window. Our whole house and yard is shaded, so growing things is a little tricky.

Next up, we’ll be trying thyme again, will be adding more basil (we love bruchetta!) and will buy a few mums or marigolds as natural pest deterrents (thanks for that tip, Kam!).

P.S. Jonas’s diaper is by Purple Ducks..isn’t it the cutest?