Nerd Nest Family

Today I needed our one car for errands and it was a little too chilly for Jake to ride his scooter to work, so Jonas and I dropped Jake off at work after Eliza headed off for school on the bus this morning. My errands were near Jake’s office in the morning, but I hate going to get him in the afternoon without making a few pit stops to make the extra milage feel a bit more worthwhile. Gas is getting expensive, after all.

I thought that we’d have a little fun on the way back home from picking Jake up in the afternoon with a family photo shoot. We haven’t had a good photo taken of all four of us since April 2011 and it was high time we made that happen. So after Eliza got home from school I made sure no one had speghetti on their shirt, grabbed the tripod and camera and buckled the kids into the car (Jonas looks so grown up in his new toddler car seat!).

Jonas's Big Boy Carseat Bookshelf Parking Garage
Bookshelf Parking Garage Pretty Library

After picking Jake up, we first stopped at the downtown library, because we wanted to take photos on the roof terrace like we did in the Stick Mustache DIY + Giant Downtown Chess post. The Kansas City Downtown Library is beautiful. Those giant books pictured above are four stories tall! And that’s only the parking garage. The library itself is massive, ornate, and breathtaking. But that’s not what we were going for today. We had our hearts set on the rooftop terrace. Alas, we learned that it now closes at 5:00 PM. Back to the photo shoot drawing board.

Bartle Hall Pylon Sculptures

We were only parked a few blocks from Barney Allis Plaza, which has an epic view of the above Bartle Hall Pylon Sculptures (a Kansas City icon), so Jake suggested we head there.


By then the kids were grumpy from all the walking. Also, it was nearing dinner time. For awesome models, you need to pack snacks. Which we left in the car. Ooops.


Let me out, mom!

Nerd Nest Family

Nerd Nest Family

I love the photos of us standing around while Jake changed the settings on our camera. But by the time we were ready to go, the grumpiness had increased a bit. Hence the upside down kids in the first photo in this post. It’s hard to not smile and giggle for the camera when you’re getting tossed about. (That photo was for fun and mood enhancement, but it actually ended up being my favorite.)

Nerd Nest Family

Thanks to the self-timer, a tripod, and a running Jake, we’re all in a photo!!!

Nerd Nest Family

But having everyone looking at the camera was too tall an order for today. And that’s just fine.

After our photo shoot we had a quick dinner at Chipotle and then went to Lucky Strike to see Jake’s brother Nick (he works there) and bowl a game. It’s hard to bowl and entertain a fifteen month old simultaneously, btw.

Bowling Balls Handicap
Bowling Shoes Kauffman Performing Arts Center

It was really dark when we were bowling, but I instagramed away anyway. Our three bowling balls, Eliza using the handicap roller contraption (she was learning to actually bowl halfway through the game), us in our bowling shoes together, a photo of the Kauffman Center for Performing Arts on the way home.

When we got home it was already after the kids’ bedtime! And we were only planning to snap a few photos and come right home. But we had an adventure instead. Life is wonderful.