Just Married

Yesterday we told you the story of how Jake shot my best friend’s wedding for $79.25, today we’re going to show you the photos! Remember, the only equipment he used for the whole wedding was our Canon Rebel XTi camera body and a rented EF-S 17-55mm f/2.8 IS lens.

Here’s Harvey and Lisa’s Day:


One of the most important things to capture in a wedding is the details. They’re meticulously planned, after all.

Getting Ready

Jake bounced back and forth between the guy’s room and the gal’s room to capture photos of everyone getting ready. I love this photo of Lisa’s mom helping her put on her necklace.

Getting Ready

Harvey buttoning up his shirt. I love that he had a Livestrong bracelet on under his fancy attire.


Lisa before. You can almost see the happy butterflies in her tummy.


Harvey before.

Getting Ready

Me getting my make-up done. I was a groomswoman, so I bounced between the girls’ room and the boys’ room before. I needed serious hair and make-up help, as I don’t actually fix my hair ever or wear make-up.

Best Man

Best man and brother of the groom Kurt pulling his Barney Stenson pose. Kurt’s such a goof.

Flower Girl

Eliza was a flower girl.


Isn’t Lisa lovely? Harvey hit the jackpot.

Flower Girl

Eliza spreading petals. The other flower girl ran down the isle barefoot and crying, which was super cute.

Here Comes the Bride

Here comes the bride!

The Look on His Face

The look on Harvey’s face when he saw her come done the isle.

The Ring

The rings.

The Kiss

After the kiss, Harvey gave Lisa a big bear hug–he even picked her up! It was a cute surprise.

Just Married

He also pulled out the aviators for the walk back down as man and wife. (This photo is my favorite.)

Flower Girls

After talking to the guests, the wedding party headed back in for the “official” photos. Eliza and the other little flower girl are so cute, waiting for the proceedings to get underway!

Wedding Party

The wedding party.

His Side

Harvey with his groomspeople.

His Side

And a little cooler.

The Bride

Then for the fun shots. Harvey brought the boxing gloves, because he’s a sports buff. Did I mention that he broke his nose playing flag football the day before the wedding? They gave it a temporary setting, so you can’t even tell. The black eyes came later in the week.

Let's Box.

Sock it To Ya!

She Really Hit Me!

This photo says, “I can’t believe you actually punched me!”


It’s good to capture a few fun shots. The photo above captures their personalities perfectly.

Then we headed outside for some natural light shots in front of the beautiful venue:

The Bride

Just Married

Just Married

Just Married

And then on to the reception:


Because marriage deserves a fist pump.


Because Jake was the photographer, I was a groomswoman, and Eliza was the flower girl, we knew that the wedding would be too hectic to bring baby Jonas. I picked him up for the reception. He was happy to take a few good photos with his godpapa. Also up there: cutting the cake, Kurt’s speech (you can tell Harvey was really worried about what Kurt was going to say), and the first dance.

First Dance

We hope you liked getting a peak into Harvey and Lisa’s wedding! We also hope that this post gives you a few ideas if you need to photograph a wedding on a budget– so long as you have a talented friend, you don’t need to spend thousands to get great results!