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That cup is as big as Jonas Da Bomb

Yesterday we had an adventure. Spur of the moment, Jake decided we should go out for ice cream. Then, when we were all already in the car, he realized it was lunchtime. So we switched to pizza. We decided to go to Grinders, one of our favorite places (we talk about it in length here). Yes, that’s chili cheese tater tots in the middle of the pizza. Even better: the cheese is melted cheese wiz. Yum.

Side note: How cute is Jonas with a cup as big as he is? Don’t worry, it’s water.

Grinders has an awesome atmosphere, and yesterday they just happened to be playing the soundtrack of my high school experience. I love that Jake and I could sing along to every song that played and name the bands for Eliza (who quizzed us). We took mental note of what played while we were there, then came home and made a playlist based on it. There’s going to be a lot of dancing in the Anderson household this week.

Hardcore punk lovers swear punk died way before any of these bands even started playing, but more lax punk appreciators will enjoy this playlist of some of the best bands playing fast and loud in the ’90s and early ’00s. If you’re our age, this may bring back memories of the better days of Warped Tour.

(Warning: some explicit content. This is punk rock, after all.)

Vol. 83 by Megan Anderson on Grooveshark

After Grinders, we had another spur of the moment idea and headed to Science City. You’ll have to wait until next week’s Project Life to see that adventure, or else follow us on Instagram.