At the beginning of the month, we posted a challenge. We challenged you, and ourselves, to save up for a project.

March's Project Challenge

March Challenge Results

I chose to save up for fabric so I can replace the curtains above, which aren’t really working, with handmade pieced gray, black, and white curtains in a brick pattern. I measured out the window to plan exactly how much fabric I’d need if I take seam allowances into consideration. Those are my scribbly notes/calculations on the right there.

Holly House!

Jake chose to save up for cleaning supplies so we can scrub our dingy house squeaky clean. However, this happened:

Falling Apart Mud Room

The brick foundation on our mudroom crumbled. So Jake decided to abandon the house cleaning saving for now and switched to saving to fix the mudroom. We haven’t priced supplies yet, but it will probably take one more month of cutting back before that will happen.

Falling Apart Mud Room

Here’s what we saved up for the month:

March Challenge Results

I cut back on coffee by buying Trader Joe’s brand instead of expensive locally roasted beans. I also stopped going out for lattes– I only had one the whole month! This is big for me.

We looked at our bank account to see where the easiest place to trim the fat would be ( is a good tool to help you spot trends) and figured out that we were spending a ton on books. It’s one of those things that’s hard to notice, because the book buying was spread out over the whole month. So, only one new book in March.

Jake saved by bringing his lunch more and going out/ snacking at our local gas station less.

We calculated the numbers by subtracting what we spent in March from the average amount we spent in these areas in January and February.

March Challenge Results

I used our sizable savings to buy the fabric I needed for the curtains. I chose to use broadcloth, the cheapest kind of fabric. I waited until it was on sale and I brought a coupon. I ended up with 12 yards of fabric for under 40 bucks!

March Challenge Results

We still have some left to put towards the mudroom supplies, but we’ll be adding on to this amount this month so we can get it done.

I’m excited to get started working on those curtains! What project did you save up for?

Just now hearing about the challenge? It’s not too late! There’s nothing that says you have to do the monthly challenges as they’re posted. We’ll leave the link-up here all year, just make sure to post a link when your project’s complete!