Ted 1

One of our favorite websites is Ted. Their tag line is “ideas worth spreading” (you should be excited already).

On the Ted Talks section of the site, you can watch almost a thousand videos of presentations made by innovative thinkers making their marks upon the world. This excites us, because we can’t afford to go to national conferences in subjects we’re interested in to listen to the greatest minds in the areas we love now that a university isn’t backing us (but you better bet we milked that cow while we were still in college). With Ted Talks, we can snuggle up to watch a presentation at night instead of watching whatever normal Americans watch (American Idol? Desperate Housewives? We don’t know.). We’ll learn something and be wildly entertained as well (most of the presenters are really funny).

Before we lose those of you not interested in academia, Ted Talks range over a very wide range of subjects, so you’re bound to find something you’re interested in. We tend to gravitate towards talks in science & technology or sociology & social commentary (surprise), but we also love Ted Talks on parenting, magic, business, design and entertainment.

Ted 2

We love that the speakers, experts in their fields, have a very different way of looking at things. And the talks have sometimes changed the ways we look at things–and thus the way we act, which is sort of the whole point. There’s nothing greater than being mentally challenged and entertained at the same time.

When friends come over, we often find ourselves saying, “Have you heard of Ted Talks? No? You’ve got to see this!” Internet friends, you’ve go to see it too.

Some of our favorite Ted Talks include:

What’s your favorite? We’d love to watch it!