1st Web Designer is one of my go-to websites if I’m looking for a challenge. The site is filled with articles packed with info that will interest any web designer or developer. Don’t let that scare you off; there’s plenty of articles and tutorials on the site perfect for bloggers.


1st Web Designer is broken down into six categories: coding, where nubies will find useful coding info and pros like me will find awesome code tutorials to learn on (It’s like flipping through a puzzle book.), freebies, where you’ll find free brushes, fonts, textures, etc.–perfect for you digi scrapbookers and web designers, inspiration, which will have you Pinning like crazy, tutorials that will keep you busy on both the coding and design side, web design (there’s even a blogging section), and WordPress.

There’s such a wealth of information on here that I could endlessly keep myself busy learning new code techniques. Doing tutorials is how you learn. It’s much easier to learn one small piece at a time than to try to get the big picture right away.


I use tutorials from this site all the time, but Megan never does. So I had her browse today and she got super excited about this Make Your Own Font tutorial. She’s been wanting to make a font for a long time, and this tutorial makes it possible without expensive software or oodles of knowledge. She’ll probably get around to it sometime in August, knowing her (you know it to be true!).

*Website Wednesday is not a sponsored series. We just want to share the websites we love with you!

Check out the site and see if you can find an awesome tutorial that interests you! What did you find? Share the link, we want to do it too!